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  1. 21 pages, it seems people's agendas against the group, RST, FF and the likes are more important than the club.
  2. Solidarity :lol: people are entilted to an opinion, whoever posted stuff on their personal FB on Twitter doesn't speak for the group.
  3. This forums obsession for the group is what I'd call an embarrassment, there was anti Green banners in a few different stands yesterday was there not??
  4. Not got any bigger issues to worry about than a song? :lol:
  5. We'll be in contact with the club, hopefully get something sorted.
  6. Hope to see you all there! anyone is welcome of course.
  7. Sorry but that's ridiculous, most of our members have been following Rangers home and away before the group was formed.
  8. The Union Bears would today like to reiterate our extreme disappointment at Police behavior at last Tuesday nights match against Annan. In the end, four members of the group were arrested and banned from watching Rangers. Police were trying to arrest a member of the group. Other supporters defended him from the Police. The group plus a lot of supporters within BF1 decided to walk out peacefully to defuse the situation but police officers evoked more trouble in the concourse. Supporters were then struck by police batons and chased by mounted police whilst three fire exits were being blocked by police and stewards. One member was arrested for banging a drum next to a police horse and another for trying to defend him. Numerous complaints have been sent to the police and the club by the group, and we would like to encourage anyone else who witnessed any police brutality against supporters to also make a complaint. At our next home match on Wednesday against Clyde, the Union Bears and Section BF1 will hold a silent protest for part of the match against the over policing we experience week in, week out. Rangers supporters are being intimidated, filmed and stopped when travelling to matches for simply supporting our team. We call for RFC to stand up for its supporters, whose loyalty to the club is beyond question and has seen it survive and prosper through one of the toughest years in our 140 year history. We also call on the entire Rangers support to unite together in support of one another moving forward. Together we are stronger. Union Bears No Surrender
  9. Police have been at it all season, nicking lads on the way out of the stadium etc for fuckall, just trying to expand their database IMO. Anyone who thinks the strathclyde police/FoCUS bring anything good to Ibrox needs to take their head on the sand.
  10. The support will just need to take our word for it at the moment.
  11. Seems as if a few people just come on here to have a dig at the group, pathetic.
  12. dezrfc1

    FIFA 13

    Fair point mate, looks like im needing a new xbox anyway, turned it on this morning and 'E74 error' came up, gutted.
  13. dezrfc1

    FIFA 13

    Are the rumours of Gforce having Fifa 13 in today true?
  14. dezrfc1

    Apple tv

    Was in the hairdressers last week, guy was going about this apple tv, said his is jailbroken.. sky sports etc etc.. anyone use it? if so what's the quality like on it and stuff? cheers.
  15. UB lad give it a fucking rest, either a taig or a daft wee boy.
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