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  1. Mine is good, phone to chromecast on the telly.
  2. If you need a laugh, go and have a look at their starting back 4.
  3. Not directed specifically at @RFC55 but everybody needs to consider what's actually going down with this, they're doing it here bigtime and it's scary. Careful what you wish for, once vax passports are accepted by the public as the key to "freedoms" I wouldn't put it past the bastards to continue shifting the goalposts in order to keep your passport "valid". See Israel, they went from 85% vaccinated to 52% overnight because you were invalid without a booster from Oct 1st. Real world data, not Pfizer sales leaflets, suggests efficacy wanes after 2 months. Do you really want to be getting jags 3 or 4 times a year to keep your freedom of movement and whatever else they decide to link to it?
  4. Michael Stewart begs to differ.
  5. Franny McCann was no saint, ex-con junkie drug dealer.
  6. Number 1 bullshit guy. rpreplay-final1631854358_0DL42GAu_HKmS.mp4
  7. AU$455 for the season pass, unlimited RTV. "Only available to subscribers" for an additional 5 quid, seriously?
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