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  1. I hate the way the forum is now displaying on my phone. Who keeps fucking with the format????
  2. Heard there was a bit of boxing up bal last night
  3. Where the fuck is the Mexican? Way to spunk 4mil! :chopometer:
  4. 14 yr old Balvenie Golden Cask purchased in Dubai duty free US$70, will be my Championship tipple come May.
  5. Our 100 ft long Wellhouse True Blues banner made it's debut that day, in the jungle.
  6. I was right behind the goal in the mhanky end, what a way to make a comeback, Super Ally!
  7. We were in Morcambe on holiday and felt that. I was 7, in the top bunk and things just started rumbling, very weird experience!
  8. Correct, I was in the smaller, fenced section of the London Rd terrace which was next to the Main Stand. What I remember about that day was the eerie feeling as we started to get the news and then realised how bad things were at Hillsborough. It was as if the players knew it too and kind of gave up trying to win the match, ended 0-0. My mum wouldn't let me go to the replay.
  9. Shitehole but the best day out, especially when we pumped them. Sash in the jungle, SFA Cup Final V Sheep, treble season was unbelievable. Confetti day, everybody had bags of torn up paper and bogrolls, mid 90s was a fukn laugh as well!
  10. League and Europe, in that order, the LC and SC are gravy.
  11. Underwhelming signing but I'm backing him to do a job while he's here. As has already been said, it's good that Velicka is away and I hope that his luck changes too. :jelavic:
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