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  1. Happy Birthday Maurice Johnston.
  2. 2nd of January for me, that was the day that the team proved they could grind it out.
  3. Follow Follow was a great little read too, I think there might still be a pile of them back at my Mum's house, if she hasn't had a tidy-oot! Who was The Govanhill Gub? I used to make sure I bought mine off the tidy wee blonde burd that stood between the subway and the old Rangers Shop on the corner.
  4. I don't believe he was ever in any danger of being sacked last season. King, and the board at the time, knew it wasn't a 2 season project to turn the squad around. He's done well overall with recruitment, a few duds aside, but you could aim that criticism at any manager. Now, with a strong DOF and a playing philosophy that runs right through all of the football teams from women's to first XI, we'll actually be in a good place if and when Liverpool does come calling for him. No Surrender Stevie G.
  5. https://www.ppq.com.au/create#
  6. I'm in QLD Australia mate 😎👍🏼
  7. 3hrs and 45mins this loonball talked to himself. You couldn’t write it.
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