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  1. 8 hours ago, Getstiffed said:

    The proof that its contradictory is all here in black and white.

    He got a debate and soon as he's stumped for an answer everyone is either a tarrier or a mentalist.

    PS you'll notice that despite myself and KAI disagreeing with you neither of has alluded to your mental state, your validity as a Bear or demanded you be banned.


    I don't really follow? I don't believe I named any particular names as I don't know most users from Adamzcuk (see what I did there).

    I am merely stating that it appears to be the same old stuff on here RE name calling etc.

  2. 53 minutes ago, K.A.I said:

    You realise how contradictory that sounds? Part of being a forum that's free to debate should include a "noisy section" being able to shout - or shouldn't that be allowed? 


    Not contradictory at all.

    Allowed to debate and give opinions but as soon as certain people don't like the point you make they result to name calling and abuse. Pathetic really.

  3. I've not got a strong opinion on Craig Houston either way, don't know enough about him, but the observation I would make is:

    A certain noisy section of this forum seem to have a hatred of any Rangers fan who is in the public eye.

    The same noisy section claim RM is free for 'debate' yet they are the ones who attempt to shout down and mud sling at anyone who has a different opinion from them. I remember joining this forum around the time Ashley had control and King wanted control and was told to fuck off amongst other things for giving my opinion.

    Reading through this thread I see it hasn't changed a huge amount since then.

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  4. I'm concerned that some think we don't need at least 1 striker that will go straight into the starting 11.

    At the moment, we should be looking for at least 3/4 new starters to join: Foderingham, Tavernier, Kiernan, Wallace, Halliday/Holt, O'Halloran/McKay, Waghorn.

  5. This is the very reason I came on here in the first place. Mates, work colleagues and people on other forums had mentioned at one point or another opinions on here and I couldn't believe Rangers fans would hold them.

    I've had many a debate to the point where the vocal minority mentioned above tell you to fuck off etc rather than make a proper point.

    I honestly think some of it is jealousy of Rangers fans in the public eye so some feel they need to oppose everything these people say.

    I'm glad it seems to have quietened down now we have stability.

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