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  1. Still not convinced by Ejaria, hope Coulibaly comes back soon
  2. Just read he's not cup tied as UEFA have scrapped it...hopefully see him on Thursday!
  3. Guy sounds like he's genuinely excited to be a part of a club this size ?
  4. Really can’t see why we would have signed him given his history with injuries and he hasn’t played a first team game this season. Actually think we’ve dodged a bullet and hope we made a much better choice in signing Cummings
  5. Looks like Miller will be a certain starter so MOH and Waghorn or Garner would be my choices
  6. Checked availability for hospitality for this and apparently they're only selling the OF games as part of 10 match packages!
  7. Tickets gone guys...never took long at all, apologies!
  8. Can't make the final and have 1 ticket available for it, I'm offshore the now so I can get the Mrs to post it next day delivery. £32 face price plus postage (£6.45 UK mainland)
  9. I was worried about how the players would deal with the pitch at Alloa...how wrong I was!
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