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  1. Having a Hearts top on is a bit of a tit move, but as long as he wasn't being a cunt, what's the harm. I hope you have the same attitude about Rangers fans being in the home end at Rugby Park or Tannadice when we won the league.
  2. Jermaine Jones on the American team last night was born in Germany to a German mother (American dad in the forces), played whole career in Germany, has 5 or so full German caps, but cause none of them were in a competitive game (qualifier or tournament game), he was able to switch to the US team. He is also a massive, dirty cunt.
  3. Same, fast download, till leave it seeding for a few days. Thanks for the upload.
  4. Shat out of a few challenges today, going in for 50/50's half arsed and that one were the ball ran through to the Aberdeen keeper, looked like he could've reached it and he didn't even try.
  5. Nowrich fans worship the ground he walks on, scored goals to get them up the divisions. Club captain and playing in the premiership, i have doubts Holt would ever leave Norwich for anyone, nevermind Rangers even if we could afford him.
  6. Thistle v Clyde Blackpool v Preston Blackpool v Burnley (not that intense)
  7. He's a Leeds fan who left them to join Manchester United.
  8. Surely the more pressing issue is why the fuck is a front-bench Labour politician taking the time to comment on the opinions a far from high profile snooker player has expressed in a biography? Not a huge fan of Dott, but i don't see anything wrong with what he says there.
  9. Never been in the one on Duke Street, but i live in KP and the one here is full of scumbags and wannabe casuals coking themselves up in the toilet alot of the time. The only people who drink in it outside of gametime are bams who won't get in any of the other pubs.
  10. 6pm on Sunday night for the Saturday games, midnight on Sunday night for the Sunday games. All on tv on Sportscene tomorrow night.
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