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  1. I remember posts on here during the McLeish years and everyone was bumming him up talking about what a great job he was doing!
  2. Hate to say it, but are we missing Martin Bain??? As i recall he used to ALWAYS get the targets we were after... quickly and effectively. Travelling all over Europe in a few days to tie deals up!
  3. I know John Carew is out of contract and looking for clubs. Surely we must be considering him? I would imagine he would have a great time playing in the Scottish league, and just the type we need and have been missing since Prso left. Cost a lot in wages though i suppose.
  4. I was at the pilot game when the FIFA reps where here in Qatar and the stadium air con system worked outstandingly! I was actually a bit too cold!
  5. Pocket money for Qatar Foundation. I work for them and this is an amazing move. spend a bit of cash and have the biggest team in football have your name on their shirt. They are able to get their name across globally. They would struggle to do so any other way. This will also open the world to the middle east... brining cultures together.
  6. HAHA, i am waiting for comments to come streaming in about how they smell a Tim, and you should be banned etc. Didnt you know? its blasphemy to suggest that a player like Larsson could ever even come close to being a better player than Rod Wallace, Jonathan Johansson, etc.
  7. erm, no, I was not talking shite that i didnt think he was good at any other club. MY OPINION was just that. he might play well but i still find him akward looking as a player. Something about him just doesnt fill me with confidence. I have been changing my mind considering his goals but i still dont think he is a player i would necessarily have wanted at the club. didnt think he would score goals. Smith got it right of course which is why he is a manager.
  8. Nope havent said that.... it was the word EVERYTHING.... that was extreme. there is no doubt a minority who are nice people
  9. Of course we do, but its not a competition to see who donates the most and to what causes! Rangers are better than celtic at donating to charities that we like. fine and great! All I am saying is that if they donate money to a cancer charity it immediately nullifies the comment about "everything associated with Celtic is shite". I can appreciate any club that is will donate to a charity of a just cause. If they also donate to other charities i dont agree with, then thats shite. but not EVERYTHING associated with them is shite. I know celtic fans who got together to raise money for various charities which is more than I have done. I dont like their club but i can respect them for going out their way to do this.
  10. Some people must really struggle in real life with the concept of discussions or mutual respect etc. if they meet a fellow rangers fan who says something they dont like they are branded a tim! Sad state of affairs.... but guess what... its both ways round unfortunately. Celtic fans are just as bad.
  11. Oh and who is talking about sustained period of dominance? When we lost Ally McCoist, Hateley etc. we were crying out for a striker whilst Celtic had Larsson, Cadete, Van Hooidonk etc. ALL of them we could have done with despite still winning the league with the likes of Laudrup in midfield. Durie to me doesnt quite meet thier standard.
  12. are you kidding? most players have "technically" come from other clubs. Nobody is suggesting that we SIGN players FROM celtic. We are saying that they have had some players that could have done a job for Rangers. and we might have like Larsson, but not signing him FROM Celtic. Techincally Larsson was a Hoegaborg player, then a Helsingborg player, then a Feyenoord player. Its a pity we didnt sign him from them!!! that wouldnt have made him a celtic player it would have made him a Rangers player and EVERYONE on here would be drooling over him in the years leading up to 15 in a row!!
  13. Do you work by the way? If you do, then you do realise that you are contributing to the Catholic church? the popes visit is coming out of every tax payers pocket. so you are essentially contributing to an organisation which has hidden child offences for years. lucky i dont pay tax!
  14. I would tend to agree with you. unless someone else has a better idea of how to measure proof?
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