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  1. He’s done well when he’s came on as a sub and again he impressed yesterday but I’m not getting carried away. We have to take the level Cove play at into account.
  2. Seeing Kamara play week in week out since he signed you get to know and understand the character of the man on the pitch. He’s played in many big games and no matter whether we came out on top or lost he’s never reacted even remotely in the way he did against Slavia. For that reason I’m 100% convinced he was racially abused and I was absolutely delighted when Gareth Bale done the cunt. In saying that, although Stewart is nothing more than an arrogant tosser I think he has a point in saying UEFA should be allowed to carry out an investigation on the incident before making a judgment.
  3. I don’t agree with the drop off in tempo, it was only the final pass or shot that stopped us scoring at least another 4. The second half was played almost entirely in their half.
  4. Exactly, if only he had a fraction of the passion he now shows for the club when he played for us.
  5. If he keeps progressing his value will treble by the end of next season.
  6. Not the slightest bit nervous about this game after being a wreck all season. Every game we’ve played has been huge no matter the opposition until the 55 was in the bag.
  7. “You fucking guy”😩 Surely to fuck he could have thought of something more realistic than saying he called a guy a fucking guy.
  8. I did want Aribo subbed until he was moved further up the pitch.
  9. I voted Goldson, difficult choice as Davis has been outstanding, McGregor has been pretty much faultless. Tav was running away with it but for me his form had dipped and now injury has hit. Jack was also outstanding but again injury has cost him.
  10. Hopefully our supporters stay away from the piggery, nothing to gain from it and you just know the Rangers haters are desperate for any reason to sling mud at us.
  11. Can’t say I’m disappointed, in fact it made for wonderful entertainment.
  12. It felt like the telly paused for a split second just as the unstoppable header was about to cross the line and then our big poacher Herlander celebrated the save as if he’d scored another. That’s Rangers now got Europe’s goal of the season and Europe’s save of the season wrapped up.
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