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  1. As much as I detest the SNP and can’t understand why any rational person can’t see through them for what they are, your actual point is a fair point.
  2. The Scottish government were highly critical of the club for not doing enough to deter fans from gathering in large numbers away from Ibrox and they were highly critical of the Rangers supporters for breaking social distancing guidelines. After Scotland fans had travelled down to London and gathered in vast numbers breaking social distancing guidelines there was no criticism of the SFA for not doing enough and after the England game Sturgeon’s response was to tweet “We all boogied”. You didn’t notice any difference though😩
  3. Very steep considering the amount of games we’ve had to shell out for that aren’t included in our season ticket already this season. On top of that there's My Gers which is nothing more than a donation to the club. On the other hand, the Rangers board have dug deep into their own pockets and combined with the general support, this has seen us getting back to where we belong.
  4. Did you see any difference in the reaction of the Scottish government towards our club and Rangers supporters when we took to the streets in large numbers after winning the league to the reaction of the same government towards the SFA and Scotland fans who travelled to London and took the streets in large numbers during the Euros? If not do you believe we’re just paranoid?
  5. For me he looked a bit leggy at the start and made some uncharacteristic slack passes. Really thought that the combination of his age, a long trip and playing in the extreme heat had taken its toll but as you say, in the last 15 minutes he was like a man possessed.
  6. I’m the same mate, just have a quick glance and if it’s not important I delete it.
  7. Tells us the club are trying hard to raise cash. I’m confident that money is reinvested in the club. If you don’t want to buy something then don’t, works for me.
  8. I think it’s just a case of too many players not hitting form yet. They have all shown in the past they can handle big occasions.
  9. Our players who delivered title 55 whilst hardly conceding a goal, setting club records are now duds who aren’t up to the job after 3 competitive games this season😩
  10. My son has just had a notification he’s been successful t for Saturday
  11. Just left the shop and only waited 10 minutes to get in.
  12. I hated the way Rangers marketed it last season with a campaign of show us your loyalty like never before by purchasing My Gers membership. Our loyalty to the club has been shown through buying match tickets/season tickets and attending the games over many years good and bad.
  13. As someone who used to go to Scotland games the closer it gets to the game, the less I want to see Scotland do well. Cant stand the Jacobite tartan trannies or the hypocrites in Holyrood and the media.
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