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  1. Even though he’s not been scoring many goals lately, for me Morelos is still a vital part of the team. Tonight was his worst game in a while but even so I think he was still effective and dragged defenders all over the place leaving spaces for others to exploit.
  2. I don’t really give a fuck if he is or not, I’m not obsessed with him.
  3. 😂😂😂 For the first time in my life I was hoping they would score when they were playing Ross County for the very reason you state. Didn't think for a second he’d survive getting beat again. A draw against Milan followed by a defeat from St Johnstone will do nicely.
  4. Dave King intends to sell his share holding to a Rangers fans group and your first thought is Chris Graham.😩 Almost forgot about you and your past rantings where you labelled Rangers fans vermin for backing King and co whilst opposing the likes of Ashley and Summers.
  5. 😂 You’re like one of those beggars obsessed with Rangers only you’re obsession is Chris Graham.
  6. Changed days Siam, wasn’t too long ago if you as much as hinted you believed King was here for the right reasons you would have been rounded on by the baying mob.
  7. I was bricking it near the end of the Kilmarnock game, possibly because we’ve had so much disappointment in recent years. Also if we’ve not scored in the first 15 minutes the nerves only increase. Shouldn't be the case going on how well the team are playing.
  8. Apart from a couple of draws where we really should have won the team have been great since pre season, but even so I can’t remember being so nervous before every league game at this time of the season. Every match feels huge no matter the opposition and I don’t begin to relax until we go 3 up. Going by some of the comments I’m not alone.
  9. It’s becoming very predictable, a ref that allows our players to be kicked and elbowed for the entire game and then books Morelos for complaining after being denied a certain free kick. The only thing that surprised me was Kent wasn’t stretchered off.
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