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  1. what made him such an icon compared to what we listen too ? football commentators in Scotland are hardly even nameable nowadays,why do you think this is the case ?
  2. GOAT..straight up..football is to expensive..now fans will be asked to go to Dundee. its to much money thats all..fans have to pick and choose.
  3. women used to faint when they saw me playing for the BB....WHEN SHORTS WERE SHORTS.
  4. how does he explain the signing of gary caldwell to his chairman. did anyone see how bad he was for them ? pity he didnt do a bobo!
  5. nv..it was a mind thing today,we thought it was easy,lost a goal,scored 3 and sat on it..licky not to get beat in the end. the attendance looked pretty poor as well,i dont think anyone was up for it..fans players alike.
  6. no hes not allowed 2 touch it or else its a free kick 2 other team as the player has hit the ball twice before any 1 else is that the same for an indirect free kick ?
  7. if the kicker hits the post and rebounds to him without hitting the keeper,is he allowed to hit it into the net ? same goes for a free kick,or does it ?
  8. totally right Nimmo..the game here is dire,the point was made,what happens if we are going for the treble against them..do we abandon it ?
  9. either way bb,the game should go ahead as scheduled,or the neds have won. last piece of trouble at ibrox was an aberdeen fan going for andy cameron,if he didnt,we would have anyway. let them sort their fans out at home. walking out remembrance day..no action throwing objects..no action s.p.l will cop out "on police advice"
  10. got a call today from RR asking if i wanted to talk about my point as i phoned up about it the night before based on nearly all of your responses. anyway i was 1st caller..it became a rangers phone in..not one smeltic fan defended themselves.
  11. ...the second is a phone number for the replacement double glazing. They could ask Hugh Dallas becuase he knows a thing or two about that. see when you think back,it was the best game i ever went to. a celtic fan takes a heider off the stands,Dallas pats Geo on the bum,gets hit with a coin,gives a penalty just after that,mc cann scores twice and Ammo gives us a "huddle" i would love that again. who else was there that day ? since it seems i was the only one there..i promise you..it was the best ever,you would have loved it. my pals were in Barcelona in 72..it matched that day they said.
  12. The reason is in your post numan. WB..what is the agenda..are they paying wee craigee ? seriously its not funny,wait till that park causes the end of a career..lawyers will have a field day.
  13. sometimes you get a gut feeling,i have suspisions about this guy,the fact that it is a consortium may be a good thing,but when banks get involved with "tax haven" companies,you always smell a rat..but SDM used to meet prospective rangers players in jersey as i recall. dont know enough about it tbh,just gut feeling...smith staying or going,will say something relating to this.
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