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  1. Sent donation Z with message to say it's for the Toni fund. I've got a wee lump in my throat to see the wee gem like that breaks my heart that here's hoping that she gets through this and gets to Ibrox to watch her beloved heroes on that pitch.
  2. Hope Cullen can get over the finish line here, he's playing out of his skin just now.
  3. Merry Christmas to all fellow bears and have a great day
  4. Fuck off you cheeky gob shite 😂
  5. What’s that the I would of given him a like if he said thanks. Wasn’t really expecting it tbh
  6. I know at this rate we’ll be lucky by the end of the season if we don’t concede more than ten in the league 😂
  7. A thanks would of been nice would of gave you a like for that
  8. I actually think that we’ll be in the region of 15 points clear come the end of the season as long as we can keep it together and no collapse which in truth I think we will then 55 is coming home
  9. For you Tam I’ll stop using that word for you and I’ll use something else in the future
  10. Aw rite then the mhanky, pishy stained, ugly looking fuckers, the sweep sweep under the carpet history, separate entity my arse, soap dodging bastards etc F.C that should about cover that or is it the fact that I called them Smeltic?
  11. Yeah mind seeing that stupid cunt fuck even I could of scored that bud but I must agree with you that he certainly looks disinterested. Looks like a ghost of the player that played great upto a certain point last season. Had that look about him that saw his wife give birth to his Nairn and thought too himself how the fuck am I going to fill that again
  12. Can see us with a 4 or 5 nil score line if we get right at them 1 for Morelos 2 for Roofe 1 for Itten or Kent 1 for Tav Cannae miss our top scorer
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