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  1. Yeah that would be great how do we go about doing this do you want to pm me about the details thanks
  2. They look fantastic noticed that they have sold out are you getting anymore in by in chance?
  3. Only other one that I looked over was the System of a Downs on there really impressed with them to be honest, wonder if the neighbours get annoyed with it 😂
  4. Fuck I was looking at that about a couple of hours ago, pretty impressed with that. Thought that the angry singing pumpkin was funny. Like to see his Xmas light display if that's his Halloween effort.
  5. Ah Clash of the Titans that was a great night.
  6. Just donated RIP Clare and stay strong Steven for the kids.
  7. Feel your pain bud. The chest drain was a doddle, the empyema on my lung which is similar to a collapsed lung on the other hand by fuck that was different altogether.
  8. Really sorry to hear of your sad loss of your sister. My sincere condolences go out to you Sparkle, and to all your family and to her husband at this sad time. Just be strong for one another. R.I.P
  9. Nah to be fair even she wasn't expecting Krusty to score and still blooter the ball into her face hence why she couldn't watch.
  10. See what I mean from my last post how could you no donate with that cute wee smile sporting his wee kit on. Had a quick look to see how it was going and has fairly picked up the pace and is almost there. Great shout out who donated the £600 deposit for the wee man's helmet . Stay strong wee man and hopefully you will be at Ibrox enjoying your first game.
  11. Just donated there here's hoping that that small amount could be achieved and extra to give wee Jordan a nice Christmas from his fellow bears. Got to say how could you no with that wee cute smile in his wee Rangers kit?
  12. I'm surprised that Dundee have no phoned the police to be honest for stealing one of their best players.
  13. Yes I see us getting a great score here get into them Rangers
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