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  1. @GabrielTomato would sort it when he pulls his tongue from admins hole
  2. Aye cunt defo deserves it but imagine doing that to an 80year old man
  3. Halfway through S3 of Ozark, this season is fucking dyno.
  4. Mind the time cunts thought us stopping a couple songs would get rid of the fines
  5. Reckon the games a bogey now, we will have stands closed in next year, guaranteed.
  6. Tarriers bearing Barca as it gave out league the attention it deserves.
  7. Put a picture up couple months ago of him training in a tarrier top. Funnily enough it was just after he was announced to headline a UFC in Dublin.
  8. Hope Till gets his tarrier heid punched in
  9. Tenerife in August and I reckon we’ll get to go.
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