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  1. Mind the time cunts thought us stopping a couple songs would get rid of the fines
  2. Reckon the games a bogey now, we will have stands closed in next year, guaranteed.
  3. Tarriers bearing Barca as it gave out league the attention it deserves.
  4. Put a picture up couple months ago of him training in a tarrier top. Funnily enough it was just after he was announced to headline a UFC in Dublin.
  5. Hope Till gets his tarrier heid punched in
  6. I only wear them due to the upto the knees reference.
  7. Open goal interview filmed the day with him.
  8. I’ve said a few pages ago, aye maybe the league wasn’t finished if we had players with bottle and playing under Walter. Fs we couldn’t win a cup final with about 70% possession and them with a player sent off.
  9. So your moaning because I said it’s 2-3 weeks away from being finished, then you yourself said that sounds like definitely finished. I reckon we’d have probably beat them at ibrox and lost the next weekend.
  10. Ah the team of 15 year ago, cause we’ve shown so much recently that we’ve the bottle for big games. Wasn’t over but not a kick in the arse off it. When did I say it was definitely finished? Cunts saying we lost a chance to win the league are mental. Blaming coronavirus for us going another season without silverware.
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