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  1. Ah, are we Rangers again today. Nice one.
  2. Tarriers outside the piggery the night with pyro hahahaa brass neck man.
  3. Fuck Rod Stewart hope corona gets him.
  4. Fingers crossed they all get it.
  5. Life comes at you fast. Terrorist cunts.
  6. And do the Kent celebration.
  7. Madness Fuck Chris Sutton’s dug n aw
  8. The cunt at the ends a loser bastard, why the fuck would you go take a video with that cunt and then shite it when he goes for you.
  9. Who cares. They do the same shite every year and want the attention.
  10. Another stabbed this morning.
  11. Rumours of another 2 stabbings the day.
  12. Come on Lazio don’t let us down.
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