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  1. 2 minutes ago, CR3 said:


    aye he’s a bellend tbh, does he like the bheasts? Remember him meeting Stevie, probably just the Liverpool connection though.


    Put a picture up couple months ago of him training in a tarrier top. Funnily enough it was just after he was announced to headline a UFC in Dublin. 

  2. 1 hour ago, gogzy said:

    if we won our game in hand there was only 10 point in it with two games against them.  25 point still to play for. It was 100% winnable.  I've seen them lost that advantage before.

    Pretty sure we were 10 points behind going into the split one year and still won it.  ( We may have had a game in hand IIRC)

    It was unlikely considering our form, but stranger things have happened.

    For us to not even get the chance to see what would have happened is pretty shit.  Nowhere near as shit as what has happened to Hearts and a few others though.

    I’ve said a few pages ago, aye maybe the league wasn’t finished if we had players with bottle and playing under Walter. 

    Fs we couldn’t win a cup final with about 70% possession and them with a player sent off.

  3. 54 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

    You said it was 2-3 weeks away from being finished. That sounds like definitely finished to me.

    So your moaning because I said it’s 2-3 weeks away from being finished, then you yourself said that sounds like definitely finished. I reckon we’d have probably beat them at ibrox and lost the next weekend.


    26 minutes ago, tm91 said:

    celtic were famously 5 points ahead with 4 games remaining once. If the virus had struck at the end of April 2005 we'd have 53 titles and not 54. Crazier things have happened, and that's the point.

    Ah the team of 15 year ago, cause we’ve shown so much recently that we’ve the bottle for big games. 

    11 minutes ago, kelvd1873 said:

    Exactly, it was all up in the air and it certainly wasn’t over👍🏻

    Wasn’t over but not a kick in the arse off it.

    2 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

    If we won our game in hand and beat them at Ibrox it was down to 7 points.

    Not a fucking chance would I say it was definitely finished. We could have caught them, it’s happened before.

    When did I say it was definitely finished? Cunts saying we lost a chance to win the league are mental. Blaming coronavirus for us going another season without silverware. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, kelvd1873 said:

    Who’s to say we wouldn’t have beat them in the next game at ibrox? Then the game in hand? That’s possibly down to 7 points. 

    Who’s to say we wouldn’t have lost to them at ibrox and dropped points in the game after that? More than likely considering we couldn’t beat Hamilton or Aberdeen at home since Christmas. 

  6. 6 hours ago, KingKirk said:


    Tell me where I said that mate

    Aye I’ve misread that, but come on to fuck mate league was 2-3 weeks away from being finished. You surely canny turn round and say you were thinking we’d have won it.

  7. 9 minutes ago, KingKirk said:

    What's that gotta do with it we could've still won the title u can't argue with a fact mate no matter how much u try

    I’m not saying we couldn’t have won it, you said you were looking forward to us winning it which is just stupid.

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