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  1. We are still a poor team, with mediocre footballers, managed by a past-it's-best, manager.

    It's time for us to move on, it's time for the junk to be removed from the squad, and, it's time for the management to be replaced. Unfortunatley there isn't much chance of this, and, the same, boring, negative football will be witnessed next season.

    Thankfully, celtc were awful this season. If they bring in a half decent manager, one who know's what he is doing, along with having money to spend - then we will struggle.

    It's now time for us to leave celtc behind. We had the chance during our last two league titles, and, we failed to take advantage of celtc's troubles - we cannot let it happen once again.

    I thank the players, and, management for what they have done in the last month, and, a half, but it's now time for a change.


  2. Had a brilliant day in the WRC. Mags is an absolute star and deserves a medal for going above and beyond the call of duty today. meal was lovely. Champagne was even better. :praise:

    Only blemish was the arseholes who somehow in all the excitement of winning the league decided they needed to lash out with fellow bears.

    Fuck you whoever you are (tu)

  3. Its the only part of my life im pessimistic about but when it comes to the Gers, i always fear the worst. I always think they are going to let me down and that Timmy will be there to sweep things up.(They are good at sweeping after all).

    I can remember being ill(bed ridden) and missing the last game of the season at Ibrox when big Hateley scored 2 to put Aberdeen to the sword and again i was ill on Helicopter Sunday unable to even listen to the game until i heard someone singing out in the streets, giving me the signal that either he was a brave kunt who was showing an act of defiance or that Big Marvins words had actually come true and setting off what would could only be described as one of the silliest things seen in my household(1-0 midweek OF victory when Donkey missed a penalty apart when somehow i ended up running around naked with my flag wrapped round me :blush: )

    Anyways, for some really strange reason, there are no nerves this morning. We are 4 and a half hours away and i can only see a Gers victory. What the fuck is happening here?

    Comfortable victory is all i feel and i cant wait to get into the WRC and be part of the party.

    So everyone.....as Jock Wallace used to say "Let's get the battle fever on" C'mon the Glasgow Rangers, this is our fucking flag so go and bring it home.


  4. I know some would disagree...but Big Eck is not a complete total idiot.

    He has knowlledge of Boyd and the English Premiership.

    He obviously sees something.



    Mladenovic or whoever he was


    Gavin Rae






    He made a few good signings but he had some total honkers as well.

    I just cant in any form imagine Boyd in the EPL. The game would be 20 yards too quick for him.

    £4 million and he is yours Eck (tu)

  5. Despite my views on the song and the connotations, i offer a tongue in cheek banner

    Our Famine is Over

    The flags coming home

    Would also make a good song

    The flags coming home

    The flags coming hooooommmmme

    Our famine is over

    The flags coming home


  6. I don't mean the enclosures East and West, more the three stands around the ground. There were certainly no hails of bottles in the enclosures, Spiers must have been referring to the areas behind the goal, and I would assume in particular the Broomloan. It was up all right by the time I started toddling along to Ibrox around 84...if he's roughly ages with me (38) he must have some memory. Or else he's talking shite.

    Im sure it was 1 stand completed per year starting with the Copland, then Broomloan then Govan. 79,80,81 (tu)

  7. Havent a clue what the OP is saying but i do know that back in 2006, Mick Fartin hired a limo and got chauferred to Mecanno Land to watch Timmy and then on to the Hilton Hotel after the game and you can guess who paid for the Filthy Fuckers luxury trip.....

    The tax payers.

    Total Cunt......but he is not alone. (tu)

  8. It is just that I had an acquaintance of the green and grey suggesting Dougal had gave up the masonic gig because he was in Dubai making money officiating NOT because of online allegations.

    His appearance on the tranny tonight, suggests he was talking sh!te. Shock.

    Also heard the reason Dougal gave up the charity gig was because of an issue outside a popular Glasgow restaurant the other night.

    Sorry mate..... I never seen this post hence me not knowing what you were meaning. (tu)

    Are you sending to the general RR address as i have Ewan Camerons personal one if you need it ;)

  9. Pretty sure he was live on the phone Frankie.

    I'm sure if he was in Dubai, they'd have said so as well. I'll email Ewen and ask... ;)


    So whats the angle your thinking about as im not sure where you are going with this :sherlock:

  10. As an aside, did they say where Dougal was giving his side of the story from?

    Real radio, if that answers your question?

    In the studio or on the phone?

    Pretty sure he was live on the phone Frankie.

  11. My only worry is that no matter if we go a couple of goals ahead, United need to blooter us to try and get their point. Whereas over at Meccano land, the Jambos will be thinking about their holidays and have no incentive to go out and bust a gut.

    Best scenario for us at half time....

    United 0 Rangers 2

    Sheep 0 Hibs 2

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