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  1. thats me finished it! cold and tiring! Bert is a quality guy
  2. wee quick reminder for anyone thats able to donate a wee snippit of what the weather is also...it was -31 the other day!! im heading away on Friday so not long http://www.justgiving.com/ChristopherSneddon
  3. yea seemed pointless having a race night in December or January with Christmas etc so hopefully by then folk will have the money to dig deep!
  4. got stuff offline and i have a race night/raffle pencilled in for March. Got a few items worth an auction but ideally another 2 or 3 and im laughing. as soon as ive got a date confirmed i will post it here for anyone who can attend
  5. thanks mate still a wee bit off, but every little helps
  6. there was a wee can collection today at the game for this thanks to anyone who donated
  7. Got it! Thanks very much Den, much appreciated
  8. Don't really know that I would call it a holiday in fairness, but as is he case with anything like this there's a percentage of fundraising towards that as well
  9. Yea I think that's the max, thanks very much for the donation mate! much appreciated
  10. shameless bump, its been a good 6 months so i think its due its little over 3 weeks until i go, im still very much on the fundraising trail guys and girls. Training has been going well over the last 6 weeks despite a Christmas endulgance! if you have anything to spare it would be fantastic, the foundation do a lot of good work and im sure you will agree that all 3 of the partners are worthwhile and provide a great service you can donate at http://www.justgiving.com/ChristopherSneddon or by texting WATP54 £1/2/3/4/5/10 to 70070 thanks
  11. i never had any empties, mines were....em disposed of haha, the wee bastard will never live that one down!!
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