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  1. im at Ross Hall just incase... theres a Corsa parked up, reg AN57 SMH, i think its Alan Smith
  2. the booking is for leaving the field of play without permission nothing else
  3. not a facebook funny but I met Britains leading Entomologist the other day (dont ask) the honorary Dr John Manlove
  4. on my phone so cant figure out how to post a photo but i went to Bellahouston Academy, anyone else?
  5. im a few games away from the end of my first season sold Bougherra to Man City fo £5.5mill, bought a few... Salomon Olembe - Free Gael Kakuta - Loan Wojciech Lobodzinski - 200k Leigh Griffiths - 775k Stuart Holden - £1.8mill Andreas Laudrup - 550k
  6. im really struggling to get anyone to sign for me or even to sign a new contract managed to sign Olembe for left back as Papac wanted to leave but hes since changed his mind and stayed
  7. i think the idea of "squad numbers" came into force in 1998-1999 Kanchelskis Caniggia Arveladze Hemdani Davis Edu are the only folk with number 7 registered to them, although obviously prior to that loads more have wore it
  8. cheers mate, that second one looks superb! keep em coming!
  9. anyone know where i can find some decent Rangers wallpaper for my iphone? or is anyone open to creating a few if theyve got some spare time?
  10. by their own high standards i think Davis and Bougherra have been erratic so far, but i still fear the worst if we dont have both available
  11. sneddon

    iphone 3gs

    my wee brother previously had a iphone 3gs on contract with O2 recently he upgraded and now has a blackberry hes gave the phone to me but it didnt work with my orange sim, so ive ended up changing network to O2 asit works out cheaper anyway i put my sim into the 3gs but it continually says "searching" or else "no sim", initially i put it down to the sim not being activated however ive tried it in my ancient iphone 2g and its working without a problem any ideas why it wont work on the 3gs? its a 3g sim so thats not that my brothers phoned O2 and theyve said they cant help as its either an 02 lo
  12. one thing i really need to agree with the OP over is theset pieces comment for so long now we have failed to beat the first man with free kicks and corners, Weiss was especially responsible yesterday as for defending them...... at Hibs corner just prior to their goal i said to my dad, they are going to score, Bamba and the other defender were winning every punted long ball and more or less strolled through the game, add this to the fact that inside the 18 yard box we had everyone except Weiss inside, Hibs had 4 players, yes it was 10 on 4.....we had 2 players for every one they had yet once ag
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