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  1. "I will invite Hugh and Gordon to reply"
  2. Not missing much it's utter dugshite.
  3. Took the first scum supporter 6 minutes to reply, in their heads rent free
  4. That'll be him back to being a dud again now. Wonder who they'll cream themselves over next.
  5. I'll tell you what, Eddie Howe is some f'ing manager according to today's papers, he seems to be a mixture of Trappatoni, Guardiola and Jose Mourhinio. It's barely believable that he got his last club relegated isn't it..... isn't it?
  6. It certainly could, those deranged halfwits have went from Pochettino to Benitez to Keane and now Eddie Howe is the messiah. With the massive rebuild those cunts need I fully expect 56 to be wrapped up by bonfire night at the latest.
  7. 9 grand a week, I take it that job wasn't in the jobcentre?
  8. This part from that link ..... fucking outrageous. "Along with the general dissatisfaction we felt when meeting with the SLO, we now have the situation where his father in recent days, has been posting on the Louden Bar Facebook page requesting members for a new supporters club he has set up, he outlined his idea that if he could get around 2000 people signed up to the CCS, even if they had no intention of attending away games this would allow him to get access to cat +a ticket allocations, as a sweetener for signing up he would also give preferential access to events being held in the ba
  9. I think if Mols never got injured we would've won that match, Bayern were terrified of him that night. My memory of Negri wasn't all those goals he scored before Christmas (which it should be tbh) it was him sitting in the stands with his face tripping him. I don't get how he puts more effort in now talking about us than he did then.
  10. G13


    I may be wrong but I thought I read 10 pts mate. Edit... If you look at the screenshot I posted up above a wee bit it says 10 if you renew by 9th April.
  11. G13


    I received another email this afternoon too with a link to renew with my new card so all sorted now
  12. G13


    I did get the email after all and have just noticed that I will not be automatically renewed as I have been issued with a new debit card. Will need to wait till tomorrow then do it manually.
  13. G13


    Nothing out my bank yet either.
  14. If not keane then I'd settle for them getting that steamer.
  15. Yup same here, I stopped when they had all the tax experts phoning in and only went back for the terry munro meltdown but it's a bit stale again. I'll give it a miss till roy keane is rolling around trackside with the 4th official.
  16. He was probably in with the Leverkusen fans, thats where he got it..... fucking huns!!!
  17. Un fucking believable
  18. I think this too, at first I thought why should the slavia team get punished for the actions of 1 player but the way thay have blatantly lied and tried to defend a rascist in their team means they are just as bad. Kick them out, bye to semi final for Arsenal.
  19. “Our members have been taking a knee in support of the PFA Scotland and Show Racism the Red Card campaign against racism and social injustice across society since the start of this season. “This campaign is not attached to any political organisation; it is simply our members way of supporting the messaging from athletes across the world who have made it clear that racism has no place in sport or any walk of life. A disgraceful statement!!! Connor Goldson is correct, it's an empty gesture. That short video clip of Steven Gerrard consoling Glen Kamara on the touchline is more
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