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  1. Some of that's a hard watch, that season when we failed to get out the championship was one of the worst I've experienced in over 50 years. From bottom to top though in 8 years , fucking fantastic, can't wait for part 2
  2. Hah, Paradise.... FFS It looks like a burst scaffold, and she's a boot.
  3. Hopefully it'll replace the word 'like', that IS really annoying. There was an interview with the model Agness Deyn a while back where she was asked her opinion on Helen Mirren. This was her answer... "She's so like (pause) ladylike, like".
  4. David Lammy starts almost every sentence with 'look' too, quite condescending and once you notice stuff like that it can be really annoying.
  5. I'm pushing 60 and I still write Rangers stuff inside partitions before I sheet them and I've written it in some fantastic places.
  6. Me too and it was one of those moments you remember where you were when you heard the terrible news. Richard Park did a tribute to him on Radio Clyde and I swear he was in tears at the end, I know I was, I was bubbling like a child. What a talent he had and a true blue. "Davie Cooper on the wing"
  7. G13


    True professional, pity we couldn't have seen more of him in the flesh and him see more of us in the stands. Leaves as a Champion.
  8. Pochettino must be spewing, he should've just held out that wee bit longer.
  9. Dead on, paying for new Chairman Director of Football Manager Backroom Staff And that's after paying all the old ones off, then new players, fuck me the biscuit tin better be full.
  10. I've just scrolled through that thinking "i hope I never, I hope I never" I got to admit, at that time I did think he was gonna leave, thank fuck he never.
  11. Oh I hope so, Imagine if this of all seasons finished with them having serious money problems. There's just not enough bridges in Scotland to jump off.
  12. It was a good try to be honest but £60k to charity is a good end result
  13. I've been done stinking with that clip in the past, for months I didn't open a video unless the volume was muted. I thought it had gone away, it was funny at first but it's shite patter now. A bit like that crazy frog thing that used to be on the old Nokias.
  14. John fuck all, that's Gary Mac windin them up.
  15. Imagine fraser forster saying that
  16. The guys never missed a game in 60 year but he was in Quinns? on cup final day
  17. christie shootin fae anywhere...... duffy shootin all over the back seat of the team bus
  18. It's really hard to decide between the first three, really hard. I think I'll go with Goldson, Tav dropped off slightly, still brilliant mind you but the big man just shades it. Just shows where we're at when any of 4 or 5 could be player of the year, says a lot for Gerrard, McCallister and Beale.
  19. Imagine how THEY feel, every 3 pts win drives that stake further into their hearts
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