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  1. I just checked my emails as I wanted to be sure, I joined Mygers on 22nd May last year, applied for the waiting list on the 26th of June and was offered a season ticket on the 23rd of July so about 1 month after applying for a season ticket.

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  2. On 21/04/2021 at 16:15, .Williamson. said:

    Aye, you join MyGers and put yourself on the waiting list. 

    I did this last year after giving up my season ticket 2 years earlier, I was offered a seat pretty quickly after that :thumbup:

  3. 5 hours ago, Monkey Butler said:

    What's the hurry? They won't give away your seat if you don't renew in the first 24 hours. People complaining about the system being overloaded are ironically the ones who are overloading it!

    I tried to renew yesterday as soon as the email came through, waited for 30 mins then logged out accidently, tried again and waited an hour and thought fuck this THEN I thought exactly what you've just posted :lol:

    Was gonna leave it a week or two but was on laptop and curious so tried again and breezed through it this time.

    I think if you choose the direct debit option it automatically renews next year.

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