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  1. Alan Brazil in the Daily Mail today saying c*ltic should be paying compensation to the victims.
  2. Exactly, it's extended his career by at least s years.
  3. Dead on mate, if Galloway had a lobotomy.
  4. The Groin brigade that turned up yesterday to let off flares being referred to as ' fans with green and white balaclavas' in the Mail on Sunday, surely they mean green and GREY balaclavas.
  5. He's obviously drunk or high, a liar and a fantasist. Should he not be fucking other peoples wives with an audience at the weekend.
  6. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
  7. The Mail on Sunday has a columnist feature on child abuse in Scottish football today, it hints quite heavily about the yahoos but doesn't actually mention them.
  8. Disgusting, absolutely fucking disgusting.
  9. Aye mate, thats how I remember it, stv grassed him up and he got fined.
  10. From memory did Souness not ban stv from Ibrox after that.
  11. I dunno mate, they may have listened to that prick Jackson from the Record who said Whyte had 'wealth off the radar' ...... and he was right....it was WELL off the fucking radar.
  12. Ryan Kent will sit Duffy on his arse.
  13. If the tight fisted old disgrace wants it so bad maybe he should dip into his millions and make it happen, but no, another celebrity prick trying to drum up favour from the unwashed.
  14. The guys a fucking dud, and see this £5M deal that's gonna be the total cost..... £1.5M a year wages. I wouldn't wipe my arse with the Sun.
  15. Bravo, right on the money.
  16. It gets better, apparently Ajir is part of Juve's £75M summer spending spree. So let's see if I've got this right..... They had him worth £50M yesterday so Juventus are spunking 2/3 of their transfer budget on a fucking dud? I think the scum are potless and their lickspittles in the media are whoring them out. All the while constantly stating Alfie is worth £8-£10M, fucking beggars!!
  17. Not worn out yet but fuck me.
  18. This post is dead on, saw that Daily Mail article this morning and thought I was gonna pish myself laughing, Riseth really is a fucking cretin.
  19. Exactly this, it's easy to forget our team isn't great, I'd say English championship level at best. That said, a win v's THEM tomorrow and joint top would be a fantastic way to go into the transfer window where we need to strengthen middle to front. I'd have took that at the start of the season.
  20. It's coming to Amazon prime, but not sure how soon.
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