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  1. Is the video link showing up for anyone on RTV because I'm only showing an audio link.
  2. Hibs to hit them on the break.
  3. Yup, I would if it came to it.
  4. That looks to me like good value to be honest.
  5. In this day and age when we hear about 'false No 9's and false No 10's ' I think Barkas is a false No1 and Duffy is a false No 4, long may they continue.
  6. Oh dear.... he's at it again 😄
  7. I agree and it's horrific, for this not to be reported widely (in fact it's been given a wide berth for years) leads me to believe what we know so far is only scratching at the surface. I think this is definitely part of a peadophile ring throughout the UK if not further. Don't get me wrong I fucking love point scoring against the filth but this is more, much more than that and when the truth finally comes out I hope the 'journalists' in this country are held to account. The fact that they have known about this and been complicit in it's cover up and leaving those poor families to fight this o
  8. Fucking disgrace, of a football club.
  9. Alkie with a book out or not, he makes a valid point, c*ltic should be paying compensation, lots of it, and I hope it bankrupts them.
  10. Alan Brazil in the Daily Mail today saying c*ltic should be paying compensation to the victims.
  11. Exactly, it's extended his career by at least s years.
  12. Dead on mate, if Galloway had a lobotomy.
  13. The Groin brigade that turned up yesterday to let off flares being referred to as ' fans with green and white balaclavas' in the Mail on Sunday, surely they mean green and GREY balaclavas.
  14. He's obviously drunk or high, a liar and a fantasist. Should he not be fucking other peoples wives with an audience at the weekend.
  15. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
  16. The Mail on Sunday has a columnist feature on child abuse in Scottish football today, it hints quite heavily about the yahoos but doesn't actually mention them.
  17. Disgusting, absolutely fucking disgusting.
  18. Aye mate, thats how I remember it, stv grassed him up and he got fined.
  19. From memory did Souness not ban stv from Ibrox after that.
  20. I dunno mate, they may have listened to that prick Jackson from the Record who said Whyte had 'wealth off the radar' ...... and he was right....it was WELL off the fucking radar.
  21. Ryan Kent will sit Duffy on his arse.
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