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  1. I'll pledge tonight and pay tomorrow but instead of the usual amount I'm gonna shake it up a wee bit and I'll donate £10 for every PSG goal tonight and as a sort of bonus ball, I'll donate an extra £10 if "broony" gets his marching orders ?
  2. Daily Record . . ?? Horseshit.
  3. read his post again and substitute the word "die" for the word "did".
  4. Such a shame and so young. R.I.P
  5. How did McCoist look his first season? What about Hately's first season? We persevered with them and look how they turned out. Then we had Duncan Ferguson, a big money signing that couldn't score in a brothel, we didn't persevere with him though and he went to Everton in a much tougher league and banged them in left right and centre. Sometimes players just need time to settle.
  6. Well said ?the amount of crosses we try to put into the box that either can't beat the first defender or are fluffed shots straight to row z is diabolical.
  7. When he says lennon looks a happier man for leaving it all behind, surely he means sacked for getting them to the bottom of the table and eventually relegated.
  8. Would like them posted just incase I can't make last game mate. Paypal for payment.
  9. I'm in premier Inn just now and RM is banned on the wifi, I can't open the paypal link on my mobile so I'll donate when I get back home on Mon mate.
  10. I'll do the Rangers tv again for Anniesland next season mate so chalk that up.
  11. That's a whole new level of obsession right there. Fuckin mhanky bastard.
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