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  1. I'm working this weekend so feel free to use my seat again mate.
  2. I don't think he can hide behind the excuse he's talking about Germans on this one. Any time I've heard them spoken about in war films the term used is "The h**" the only time I've heard the word "h***" it's always been scumbags talking about us.
  3. Bloody hell, Govanblue's been busy this year......
  4. I'll have all 6 anaw ? PM me the link and I'll square you up soon as.
  5. I can't make Dumbarton game so you can use my seat again GB.
  6. Donation sent and keep one of those jackets for me if you can, I'll meet you at the next home game if I can make it. If I can''t you can use my seat again, I'll let you know soon as I can.
  7. The guy in St Enoch centre is a good bear.
  8. I can't make tues game but have enabled my seat for it Feel free to use it again GB.
  9. I'll take 2 mate. Don't mind paying 50 for the second one as it's for my daughter who's not a member on here.
  10. Don't think they'll park the bus so with a bit more room up the park we'll hit them there. 4-0 the sons of William
  11. The Nuts, fuck off you micky bastard .....
  12. Good idea, still wouldn't count players being fouled as an assist though. ?
  13. "Cammy Bell should be reinstated"? Written by a fucking taig masquerading as a bear. We got those bastards rattled and they're trying to stir us up with shite like that.
  14. I've just checked 3 times to make sure and yup...... I've got the battle fever on.
  15. Good read, I think the players will be blown away by the noise tomorrow night and respond well to it. Really pleased with the direction the club is heading at the moment.
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