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  1. Exactly, 1 or 2 touch passing ,none of the side to side then back the way pish. Think we got way more than enough to deal with this lot.
  2. The Lurgan bigot is whingeing about this in the paper this morning, also having a dig about the snp's treatment of us being different from them Re covid statements. He must not have been looking when we were a 12.00 kick of up there, at laest those cunts don't need to get up at half fucking four to get up there.
  3. You can actually feel the jealousy rippin right out them, it's wonderful, fucking glorious.
  4. G13


    The comments section to that tweet are a riot. "Andy Robertson wears Borna Barisic jammys" "wasn't even a good win"
  5. Take that you corduroy wearing kid on, succulent lamb eating fenian bastard spiers, I hope you die soon.
  6. Me too, swiftly followed by another then maybe a Jack or 2.
  7. 100%, they run a test on the corner flag, coke, aids, covid and now he's gotta ante up for another 3 kids he never admitted to.
  8. I would only credit them with 3.7 titles, the rest are contaminated.
  9. See this beat the pundit, that should involve an Aluminium baseball bat.
  10. The penny is starting to drop even with the rabid ones now, almost out of denial and into grief
  11. They need to go, the damage to our season if they hadn't been caught and turned up for training, fuck me, can you imagine the utter carnage. We would have been jumped on by everyone!! I get the fact they are young players and regardless of their ability, life is tough.
  12. And comes in a rattle can, that'll last quite a while down the gallowgate.
  13. And on STV news they read out Rangers first, then the rest apart from THEM, seprate entity boys club was ramped right up, fucking sickening.
  14. McLaughlin is as an absolute roaster and a Rangers hater, in order to believe his 'seperate entity' pish we need to believe that when jock stein found out a peadophile was operating at his club didn't say "the good name of the club should be kept clean" but instead said "the good name of the boys club should be kept clean" c*ltic are far and fucking away the biggest culprits of this in WORLD football, they have been covering this up for over 40 years and still have live cases against their employees. Had Hibs told us about neily's behaviour he would never have crossed the threshold at Ib
  15. G13


    I might be wrong but I was under the impression it renews automatically. EDIT. Yup, they auto renew but you get a confirmation email first.
  16. And true to form, fenians all over the comments section, obsessed.
  17. G13


    In the Qand A section it says you don't have to be a Mygers member to renew so you should be fine mate.
  18. G13


    Season ticket sales are suspended at the moment. After having to give my season ticket up in 2017 I applied for another one round about last June, I filled out the waiting list form on Rangers website. I didn't expect to hear for a while but was surprised to be offered one roughly 5 weeks later via an email. I don't think there was a section showing your place on the waiting list tbh, sorry not to be more specific. Hope this helps.
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