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  1. It's so Superscoreboard can spend a night on each
  2. Yup, that guy bernard sounded like a right bitter bastard.
  3. Very good post this, if there's one thing I regret particularly from our nine in a row is that I never took the time to enjoy the moment, too busy looking ahead to not even the next game but the next season. This time I'm taking every game as a huge victory. And I'm also winding THEM up to fuck.
  4. I'm watching on laptop on RTV and it's been no problem.
  5. I would doubt it tbh although I don't have twitter, I just google searched the name on that post.
  6. Well well, who'd have thought it. Fucking scum.
  7. Got a life ban over there years ago, around the administration time, had enough of the kid on in the know cunts hinting at different scenarios so told them to put up or shut the fuck up. It's riddled with Earl Haigs.
  8. 'The greatest fans in the world'......... 'faithfull through and through' ..... hold back your giro's because this is how it feels to be c*ltic......
  9. Over 4 years later that's still their main players
  10. The scum are moving players out the door, trying to get loan players in from the English championship level, holding on to one of the worst performing managers in Scotland, their cheif exec has resigned and they have furloughed their youth team........ They are fucking skint
  11. Sell edouard at ten to midnight????? He's fuckin dugmeat!!!!
  12. Yess, straight in with Duffy
  13. G13

    Well bears....

    Since we're more than likely gonna still be wearing masks can we not just sing The Billy Boys?
  14. A like just aint enough, fucking brilliant
  15. He does he really does. He's got the bug that's for sure, always speaks very well in intrrviews. He has restored our pride and will join the list of greats very soon. That's a brilliant piece 👏
  16. I had Clyde on before their game finished, duffy took out edouard and they were laughing at him. We've had it off them for years, this is fucking outstanding. Grown men crying ffs
  17. Yup, delicious, actual sobbing 😭
  18. Absolutely fucking glorious
  19. If that happens I really hope they move Clyde Superscoreboard to a video platform with Zoom calls.
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