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  1. It was a good try to be honest but £60k to charity is a good end result
  2. I've been done stinking with that clip in the past, for months I didn't open a video unless the volume was muted. I thought it had gone away, it was funny at first but it's shite patter now. A bit like that crazy frog thing that used to be on the old Nokias.
  3. John fuck all, that's Gary Mac windin them up.
  4. Imagine fraser forster saying that
  5. The guys never missed a game in 60 year but he was in Quinns? on cup final day
  6. christie shootin fae anywhere...... duffy shootin all over the back seat of the team bus
  7. It's really hard to decide between the first three, really hard. I think I'll go with Goldson, Tav dropped off slightly, still brilliant mind you but the big man just shades it. Just shows where we're at when any of 4 or 5 could be player of the year, says a lot for Gerrard, McCallister and Beale.
  8. Imagine how THEY feel, every 3 pts win drives that stake further into their hearts
  9. Exactly, 1 or 2 touch passing ,none of the side to side then back the way pish. Think we got way more than enough to deal with this lot.
  10. The Lurgan bigot is whingeing about this in the paper this morning, also having a dig about the snp's treatment of us being different from them Re covid statements. He must not have been looking when we were a 12.00 kick of up there, at laest those cunts don't need to get up at half fucking four to get up there.
  11. You can actually feel the jealousy rippin right out them, it's wonderful, fucking glorious.
  12. G13


    The comments section to that tweet are a riot. "Andy Robertson wears Borna Barisic jammys" "wasn't even a good win"
  13. Take that you corduroy wearing kid on, succulent lamb eating fenian bastard spiers, I hope you die soon.
  14. Me too, swiftly followed by another then maybe a Jack or 2.
  15. 100%, they run a test on the corner flag, coke, aids, covid and now he's gotta ante up for another 3 kids he never admitted to.
  16. I would only credit them with 3.7 titles, the rest are contaminated.
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