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  1. Im from Bogotá. Because I read about them on this website that mean I get to see how stupid celtic supporters are and also some people on this website also 🙄 But on here is much paranoia
  2. Lustig and Helander are in same Sweden team together. I am 100% sure Lustig not say anything bad of Helander. I am 100% sure celtic fans speak shit.
  3. I would like to punch this bitch in her dirty vagina many times.
  4. I hope he stay so we see the little bitch cry when we get 55. I notice in the Old Firm derby games I see is that he is one of their players that always when something happens a red card or some foul is that he is always stand behind one of his team mates and shouting abusing one of our players. Is the same for Lustig is another and that tall defender I forget her bitch name.
  5. I saw him play versus PSG and Bayern Munich B team in Champions League and he was shit
  6. They better enjoy celebrating this trophy because it is last they will win in a long time
  7. School uniforms are selling good
  8. Wake up early morning for 6:30am KO, try find a stream and watch it in bed.
  9. What a prick, I hope the SFA ditch his company which I doubt they will and I hope all his companies go down the drain.
  10. I think it should be no problem buying the kids the jersey. When I was a kid, getting the new jersey was all I wanted and I was happy as a pig in shit when I got it. I don't think it is best to deny kids now this simply because of some fat cocky bastard. Let the kids have their enjoyment. For us adults though I don't think we should be buying any. I also certainly hope no kids get any snide remarks at Ibrox for wearing the jersey.
  11. I dont think there really is any comparison between the Gers and the Eels to be fair. The Eels have been rubbish since the 80's and have been a shambles in the boardroom for many years now with so much in-house fighting and backstabbing and mismanagement of the playing side of things. The Melbourne Storm on the other hand (also no comparison to the Gers) had to go through a lot more shit than the Eels. The Eels got caught salary cap cheating by bringing in better players that they simply couldn't afford to get quick glory. Melbourne on the other hand got salary cap cheating but for different r
  12. I agree with this. They are only getting behind the club and showing support and generating an atmosphere. The people who don't like a bit of noise or drums should never go to a football match over here in Colombia or in Argentina or something because you get about 10 drums and about 10 trumpets and flares etc.
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