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  1. Would you prefer Polster or Flanagan be backup of Tavernier if in example we play in group stage of Europa League and they had to take place of Tavernier. Certainly feel more comfortable with Flanagan for backup on right side
  2. But is not completely better than him though. I will feel more confident if Flanagan play than Polster in right side
  3. Is true for left side. He is better defender than Polster though and he will probably be more far up the field on the right than left with Ojo or Candeias in front of him
  4. Flanagan should be backup for Tavernier then Polster. Players that most of the time cannot cross past the first defender annoy me.
  5. Im from Bogotá. Because I read about them on this website that mean I get to see how stupid celtic supporters are and also some people on this website also 🙄 But on here is much paranoia
  6. Lustig and Helander are in same Sweden team together. I am 100% sure Lustig not say anything bad of Helander. I am 100% sure celtic fans speak shit.
  7. I am sure Osijek ultras will be sending them angry letter explaining the codex
  8. This is what I understand in this moment. There is a little shop opening outside tue front of a pub. The pub say is nothing to do with the club. Have the club say anything? Who is providing clothes for the shop then?
  9. He can do what Zamorano did and put plus sign between the 2 numbers if people not happy.
  10. Do you think there is chance of maybe play 3 in defence and have 4 in midfield. It is St Josephs and not more difficult team. 1 away goal and this is all finished I think. Go very attack style lineup.
  11. Ask random person in the street in random country and they will probably be able to say who win the mens world cup but ask this same question for women world cup and they probable not even know who play in the final
  12. Thank you my friend, you are good referee
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