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  1. So he have paranoia like many people from the website. He have many problems then. I dont know ehat I say for bitch like her to think this. I dont need to prove anymore where I am from I have prove hundred times. I do not know why people have problem with me because I am from a different country is very strange and very sad for them🙄🤷‍♂️ I come here to read about team I like in Europa and practice my writing. But people not like this for sad reasons. Good luck to Rangers in Europa League. I will try watch them when I can but not share no more
  2. Morelos have never had a regular place in ColOmbia national team. Also of course everyone will get benefit but more Rangers because we have so many forwards its not so important for us.
  3. After the game one of the supporters needs to stand in that bush and have a piss in it
  4. What is the reason for Mechelen to be kicked out of the tournament my friend?
  5. Im from Bogotá. Because I read about them on this website that mean I get to see how stupid celtic supporters are and also some people on this website also 🙄 But on here is much paranoia
  6. Lustig and Helander are in same Sweden team together. I am 100% sure Lustig not say anything bad of Helander. I am 100% sure celtic fans speak shit.
  7. The winner of the Paddypower beauty contest is.......
  8. I read it is for £20million plus add on. I know he not play amazing the past season but for me he is good and is a good deal for Atl Madrid.
  9. Forward Pipa Benedetto go to Olympique Marseille from Boca Juniors for €16million
  10. If can keep him to January and he score in the Europa League before January then can easy get 20million for him I think. Should try get 20million for him anyway.
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