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  1. Thinking about booking flights to Rio in Brazil mate in January .

    Some lovelies on Tinder seem interested in meeting me .

    However I'm open minded to a trip to Columbia . Would imagine the ladies are quite something else there ???

    Any advice on anything regards travel ?? cost  ,flights ,what to avoid ??

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    2. denya


      No problem my friend. Would be good if you could make it here especially to my city Bogota. would be nice to talk about the Gers with a fellow fan for once here. As I said any questions about Colombia or even football here or elsewhere in South America I can definitely help you with all info and if you make it here I could take you to a game. 

    3. eejay the dj

      eejay the dj

      Jesus mate .That would be amazing .

      I love events and new experiences . We are only here once my friend .

      Ps . I love woman and especially latino women :lol:

    4. denya


      Would be a pleasure to help a fellow bear and take you to a game or something.

      I like latin women too but they are weird in the head a lot of the time. 

      I still remember the first time I ever visited Ibrox and it will live with me forever so would be good to take you to a game here or something that you can always remember! 

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