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  1. Im from Bogotá. Because I read about them on this website that mean I get to see how stupid celtic supporters are and also some people on this website also 🙄 But on here is much paranoia
  2. Lustig and Helander are in same Sweden team together. I am 100% sure Lustig not say anything bad of Helander. I am 100% sure celtic fans speak shit.
  3. I would like to punch this bitch in her dirty vagina many times.
  4. I hope he stay so we see the little bitch cry when we get 55. I notice in the Old Firm derby games I see is that he is one of their players that always when something happens a red card or some foul is that he is always stand behind one of his team mates and shouting abusing one of our players. Is the same for Lustig is another and that tall defender I forget her bitch name.
  5. I saw him play versus PSG and Bayern Munich B team in Champions League and he was shit
  6. They better enjoy celebrating this trophy because it is last they will win in a long time
  7. School uniforms are selling good
  8. My friend. In football palo is the post. Atras means for the back and espalda is your back on human body jajaja my friend the spanish you wrote is not correct for football term in spanish trust me.
  9. I hope he not use this Spanish because for an example post = palo, back = atras, hold = espera
  10. I would like to know which tv station and show because I watch many football tv show here and never seen him on any and it is very very rare for him to even be talked about on any here.
  11. I will really like to see Morelos get a game for us in a friendly game after the world cup and this is more possible than getting a competitive game for points in the next 1 to maybe 2 years. There is young strikers who have already be called up like Muriel, Zapata, Borja, Santos Borre, Ibargüen and Martínez who all 26 and under, average around 23.
  12. This is all it will be i am sorry to say for the next 2 years. Maybe only a small sub appearance in a nothing friendly. There is many good and still young strikers here in front for Colombia.
  13. ColOmbia You are correct my friend. He is far down the list. He does not get named in any possible teams in all the football shows on tv here too. Falcao, Muriel, Duvan Zapata, Bacca, Miguel Borja and even Teo or Ibargüen are all before him. Ibarbo is not near the team and Castillo too.
  14. He will not be call up to the world cup team. There are too many strikers in front of him and scorig goals in Europe and here in South America. Maybe in the future yes but in this moment with Pekerman ad coach he wont be at the world cup.
  15. My local team here Independiente Santa Fe and of course Rangers.
  16. I am not from Mexico so I do not have a team but I have been to Cruz Azul game before.
  17. The cup game was also play away from Mexico City. There will always be some fans against him because he played for Chivas which is one of biggest teams in Mexico from Guadalajara rival city of Mexico City.
  18. Did not sell, they put Christian Gimenez that has been with the club for many years and was captain on a loan to Pachuca, he is 36 and slowing down now. It was Chivas fans who boo Pena because this is his old team and the match was played in Guadalajara.
  19. I wonder what he bought from the club shop? Good signing and the attacking threat looks more strong now.
  20. He never been with the full team. He played for the U21 team in South America championships in 2015 As much as I know his parents did not travel there and are still here, I think he maybe have a girlfriend travel there. He wont be with the Colombia team at the World Cup. Unless he score so many goals but he wont be near the team, there is many strikers for the team it is difficult. Maybe in the future and in friendly games first.
  21. This is possible only if most advance midfielder play very close to the forward and not move out of position all the time. I see a couple of games and he has a good shot so he can do this more.
  22. So you only play Morelos alone? He need a partner.
  23. Why miller in the team when he has no ability no more? He has too much of say in the club is only reason.
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