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  1. denya liked a post in a topic by BridgeIsBlue in ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***   
    The clamor that people on here have McInnes honestly makes me unwell.
  2. denya liked a post in a topic by PRW. in ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***   
    Why? So he can get us put out off of some Kazakhstan mob like he did last year? 
  3. denya liked a post in a topic by Jack The Flipper in ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***   
    You'll never get this ya jakey cunts

  4. plumbGER liked a post in a topic by denya in ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***   
    A little bit off topic. Since the board have let this drag on for a while now and it is supposedly he is expected here late this week, what would people prefer happen. Murty to be in charge on the Sunday or Pedro to have his first game on the Sunday? For me I prefer Murty take this game in charge (I am not sure if he will be or not) but it could give a chance for Pedro to sit and see the team play and analyse what changes he thinks we will need and also give him a chance to see the smelly lot play too and break down their tactics. 
  5. denya liked a post in a topic by K.A.I in ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***   
    I like Walter Smith don't get me wrong but he's far from perfect. He's got a lot of stuff wrong on and off the pitch over the years - as has anyone. 
    I respect him and would take him back as a manager in a heartbeat but he's not always right, either. 
  6. denya liked a post in a topic by tannerall in ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***   
    Caixhina certainly has lots of experience in all kinds of environments.
    His appointment would potentially give us a link to experienced talent via Portugal (and Portugese speaking Brazil).
    Also his Mexican connections open up the North American channels, plus Mexican teams tend to bring in the Spanish speaking Americans from Argentina and Chile etc. 
    Add to that his initial experience in a Portugese league whose teams have been over-performing for decades, and his successful Mexican spell with Santos Laguna in a tough league where the football is passionate and tough, then spells with the top teams in Romania and Greece and you hve someone with links and experience all over. 
    My initial thoughts, knowing our board, are that he is being brought in to channel in young talent from around the world to make sell-on money, but will perhaps bring in experienced players from those areas too at relatively lower cost. (Warburton was given the same task of bringing in young talent for sell-ons and experienced players at low cost, but was limited by his lack of experience to plundering only the lower English leagues).
    A curious selection, almost certainly enabled by his time in Scotland  gaining his coaching badges, but f we could see our team playing with the flair (and toughness) of the Portugese and Mexican football ethic then I would be extremely happy and times could get interesting indeed.
  7. The Dude liked a post in a topic by denya in ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***   
    The LigaMX en Mexico is like most Central/South American leagues here that have an Apertura (opening) league and a Clausura (closing) league, the big difference with Mexico is that they do the playoff of the top 8 teams for the apertura and clausura. I don't agree with the playoff system but a lot of leagues in this area of the world do this including here in Colombia where my local team finish 4th in the clausura last year and then won the league in the playoffs. The LigaMX is one of the toughest leagues in the world so even to go and win the playoff is a good achievement, do not right off how difficult this league is. Pedro is not my favourite to take the managers job but I am not convinced by any of the candidates that are supposedly on this shortlist. 
  8. K.A.I liked a post in a topic by denya in ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***   
    You should, but when you do, remember to spell it ColOmbia haha I will take you to a game. 
  9. denya liked a post in a topic by Rangersfansmediawatch in Confusion Over Management Team's Future   
    I can't believe that 5yrs down the line we seem no further forward both financially and on the pitch and the only positive thing over the last five years seems to be our fans have done what they said they would do and stuck by the club.
    Rangers would have to pay the sheep substantial compensation but there is no chance the sheep would even entertain it, He isn't good enough to take us forward and granted they have finished second in the last couple of years, He won't come up against teams who lift their game every week, The Rangers job despite our situation right now is an absolutely huge job where the demands are even bigger and everything Rangers do both on and off the pitch is forensically examined on a daily basis by an inane media who love negativity about Rangers, He won't get that at Aberdeen, Their fans are quite happy to finish in the top three and winning the odd rare silverware every few years, Their expectations fall well below what Rangers and our fans expect on a yearly basis.
    The easy part is getting a manager in, The hard part is having to work with players who underperform on a regular basis knowing you won't have the money to add the quality you need to improve, The most worrying thing for me right now is how this will affect our football, We could easily start to lose games every week and get worse and end up well out of contention of a place in Europe and worse case scenario fighting to keep in the top six, We could totally implode,Continue to drop points and start sliding down the table.
    When Rangers went into admin it was the worse feeling in the world and many many people said it could take at least 5yrs to recover, Five years are now here and we haven't really recovered nor moved forward and the unwashed are miles in front of us with little sign of pulling them back anytime soon.
    The next thing that will happen if nothing changes is supporters will start voting with their feet and could easily see thousands not renew season books next season due to no investment and broken promises.
    The Rangers board should do well to remember that boards come and go,Players come and go,Employees come and go.. But Rangers fans are for life and deserve the Rangers team we all long for,If the board can't move us forward then they should look to selling the club to someone who can and pay for their own season tickets like thousands of us do.
    I'm in absolute shock at what's happened tonight as will many others and no doubt our detractors and those in the media will be laughing their pathetic arses off, That's the absolute mentality of Scottish football. 
  10. denya liked a post in a topic by davis1986 in * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *   
    Scott browns fixed it no need to worry 

  11. denya liked a post in a topic by Tom0411 in * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *   
    Isn't Karma a bitch or "he who laughs last laughs longest"

  12. denya liked a post in a topic by Gazza1212 in * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *   
    If karma really is true then those fucks have a very bleak future to look forward to.
  13. Misteral liked a post in a topic by denya in Jon Toral Signs Until End of Season.   
    What chances of him playing tomorrow for Granada? I usually don't like watching Real or Barca play but will watch this game tomorrow if he is any chance of playing any minutes of it. I just wish we would hurry up and do the deal and get him on loan already.
  14. denya liked a post in a topic by The Godfather in Jon Toral Signs Until End of Season.   
    And a decent right back, 2 decent central defenders, decent wide right midfielder, decent striker and we might just be ok.
  15. denya liked a post in a topic by kaiser1041 in Leipzig   
    Think mines is a steam one mate 
  16. denya liked a post in a topic by K.A.I in Rangers are letting ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ in early to do a display   
    The board deserve credit here for seeing sense - I slated them at the start as I didn't think they'd step in but they obviously have so fairs fair. 
    The end result is it's not happening which is all that matters 
  17. William McBeath liked a post in a topic by denya in Rangers are letting ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ in early to do a display   
    I worry that these idiots will ruin the minutes silence and take away the respect of it by doing their shit display during the minutes silence. 
  18. denya liked a post in a topic by D'Artagnan in Rangers are letting ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ in early to do a display   
    Club 1872 are aware of the concern and anger this rumour is causing and have sought suitable clarification from the club.
  19. denya liked a post in a topic by Carsons Dog in Glad all over (Joey Garner)   
    If you delete it from your iTunes library you can download it again free of charge 
    Not sure if it counts or not but I've done it about 2 dozen times
  20. denya liked a post in a topic by saltire266 in Glad all over (Joey Garner)   
    What about someone contacting Dave to see if the proceeds for the song can get the wee boy to America for his operation???
  21. denya liked a post in a topic by Bobby Hume in Glad all over (Joey Garner)   
    The funniest part for me was the opening part of the Sky report .... "septic are sitting top of the SPFL ... etc, etc" .... yet are being overshadowed yet again by the only show in town ..... The Rangers .... 
    Forever in our shadow ..... for ever ..... 

  22. denya liked a post in a topic by BridgeIsBlue in Glad all over (Joey Garner)   
    The absolute funniest thing about all of this is the reaction from the beasts,they're spitting blood all over social media
    "Pfft it's the only number wan this year they'll get" etc
    They get wound up so easy about anything it's unreal,if you have FB just look at the comments section of any media outlet that posts this story,it's full of Rangers died Sevccccccccoooooooo 5-1
    Pathetic beyond words that mob.
  23. denya liked a post in a topic by RfcSevco in Glad all over (Joey Garner)   
    Fenian's are actually pathetic
  24. denya liked a post in a topic by cr3_bear in Glad all over (Joey Garner)   
    Celtic fans private messaging wee teenage lassies and telling them to say up the ra is one of the most pathetic and sinister things I have ever seen . only thing missing is a white van and a packet of werthers originals 
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