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  1. read one of the English papers talking about surgery on the hip --- ah'll see if I can locate the article -- then again may have been a red top
  2. Many never recover from this type of injury -- depends how early twas caught. My gut feeling is the tarriers made hm play thru and have probably aggravated the situation. Agreed
  3. Agree and Barisic's even better 🙂
  4. As a wee aside cunts stitched up Arsenal, KT out for another three months for more surgery.
  5. saw this online celtic AGM talking points Rangers Rangers Rangers Green brigade banned Rangers Rangers Rangers Ticket prices Rangers
  6. @admincan thIs pish be moved or deleted
  7. Wee bit of perspective CFR 1907 Cluj are ranked 288th in Europe and are 10 places lower than Cork City Lewis Capaldi 'pees himself on stage' at Edinburgh Summer Sessions gig...... guess someone got the result to him on stage 🙂
  8. Not sure about Spanish but 100% french --- Remember my first sojourn to Montpellier asking the taxi driver to take me to IBM who were a major employer n the town . After a few back and forths plus a few expletives from me and head shakes from him -- cunt finally says "oh zeee EEEBM' coulda punched the bastard as I'd been traveling for about 9 hours. Always stayed with me 🙂
  9. TMB might be French where the I is pronounced 'E'. 🙂
  10. Liewell would have to admit a mistake if he sacked him this early -- cannot see that occurring
  11. best midfielder played at LB --- Lennon tactical genius
  12. correct pal --- just scanned the SPFL fixtures and forgot about the LC Dunfermline pumping them would be the Icing on the cake
  13. now just hope Hearts pump them on the weekend
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