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  1. said he's copyng Nathan Young Coombes HT show 50 year old JLO and 43 year old Shakira -- appealing to a younger crowd 🙂
  2. whats your brother got lined up ---- nae strippers?? 🙂 Hopefully a good game with a Chiefs victory
  3. yeah coached at about 10 colleges as well -- seems to love the game
  4. Nce to see JJ get Hall of Fame recognition -- thought he was already there - guy coached at every level
  5. US version of Toronto Blue Jays fans --- plastic fans - plastic city -- mon the cheeseheads 🙂
  6. really do not like Seattle -- too plastic - GB === real football. with these playoffs who the hell knows.
  7. Texans and Green Bay wns would be a perfect day
  8. and GB to beat Seattle --- GB jas real fans
  9. Bowl is in Miami so Tannerhill winning there would be somewhat ironic
  10. good game - great comeback from the Texans. Pats game has been great so far - good football day
  11. read one of the English papers talking about surgery on the hip --- ah'll see if I can locate the article -- then again may have been a red top
  12. Many never recover from this type of injury -- depends how early twas caught. My gut feeling is the tarriers made hm play thru and have probably aggravated the situation. Agreed
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