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  1. Not fucking happy but AND cannot explain the meltdiwn since Dubai, but sick of heaing the same sack the manager, srart again shite after every bad result. Fekt helpless living thru their niar but ne er gave up and was rewarded 1971 72 and 73, thankfully no social fucking mefia back tgen also pissed and need a sleep
  2. About what exactly? Winning is not a right, we need to fight every game, mire so now.
  3. Jones has been out injured cause he thought he was a hardman, out injured and for being a moron As for Kent i like him better running straight T defences nit playing across the pitch, so either he thinks he is better than he really us ir SG has filled his head with shite
  4. Fucking drama queens who love to start negative threads after every bad result, Eeither give 100 oercent support it fuck iff there is no middle grounf the choice us binary. Sick of under performers but also sick of cunts who think winning is a god given right.
  5. katic and Goldson were dominant for long periods today and were not helped by having to cover for the useless cunt at left back who was hdng when they got the 1st goal.
  6. needs brought down to earth --- thinks he's better than he really is
  7. Not the fenians or Lennon that's the issue its us bottling it against teams we should be rolling over
  8. fuckcing rinse repeat every year --- people need to get a new tune -- besides he's about 90 now
  9. Knew it was coming and fucking left back missing who'd have guessed
  10. that'd be clever consderg we don't have a CF on the bench --- how about a smple dea - better service
  11. Plastic bucket and folk walking round the trackside with a big white sheet so fans can toss money in, ah the good old days, kids at the front either belted on the head with coins or scooping up the ones that fell short (allegedly) 🤣
  12. Who wrote them really s irrelevant and cannot understand why some people are hung up on that matter. Both statements are well penned and now out there in the public domain. Now let's see the club follow up with action.
  13. Sure I remember man u having some kind of media ban, could be the memory playing tricks
  14. Not sure he nailed it but certainly offered a very credible alternative as opposed to those moaning and offering nothing. No reason the club could not follow the statement with actual action. Did man u and Fergie not do something along those lines?
  15. Statement was decent, usual cunts moaning without offering an alternative. Do nothing get slated, come out with a decent enough statement and get vilified. Statement is a start but the club now needs to keep the pressure on along all fronts.
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