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  1. Most will survive mate and many have prospered and will continue to do so, the two hour table booking was genius as punters would drink double the normal rate and the folk in the next two hours did the same, we have been luck as we do food and we are 30% up like for like 2 years ago. I may even get a few days in Blackpool as a reward to myself 😂 Hopefully you’re well and family, I heard Ken Bruce the other day playing a U2 new song called something like “We are the People” and he had a chuckle
  2. Health is very good now , while I was in hospital I got the two transplants done to make me fit in with the locals, it’s amazing what you can do with 6 digits on each hand😂😂 Business is picking up although through the last year we downsized by 3 units which could have drained the others but haven’t, still 102 of the 125 staff we had so all is good the 23 decided to work outside the trade or got better offers.
  3. I’m fine now mate but been a shite year for health and business but onward and up as they say.
  4. He doesn’t charge for the envelope though that’s used to post it out
  5. I haven’t been anywhere just recharging for 55 😂👍👍 was up your way a couple of times in November but was no good getting in contact as standing or sitting outside in November didn’t appeal to me
  6. It’s the way he talk to us as though we are naughty children who should greatful for him looking after us all
  7. This times 10 , we need more breakdowns live on the radio
  8. A Happy New Year to one and all and hopefully we will be back at games before the end of the season
  9. At least they don’t have lucky baws since he moved to QPR
  10. It took him 25 mins to start holding it in, he needs refocused in shooting in sight of goals without thinking about it, he is trying too hard to be a team player to score the perfect team goal instead of being a bit more selfish, not got an issue with his play tonight though
  11. He won’t take any nonsense from that lot on Saturday and would let them know that they’re in a game
  12. You sure about that ? Have a family member who went home to Amsterdam and was not allowed to go to work for 14 days and was made to quarantine
  13. Storming Norman ,Was that the same club ?
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