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  1. I listened with intrest to a show on radio 4 this morning about ticks on dogs and the problemes they cause us humans, they went on to talk about limes and listening to a couple who have suffered it was heartbreaking, they lost family and friends through it.

    I thought of you and hope your well at the moment

  2. Hope your well , this capital letter thing has been doing my baws in for months, if I reply to anything it goes feckin mental. The thread headings are now vertical instead of horizontal, if I was any good at scrable or crosswords it would be easy to know what threads im posting in.

    Its more fun not knowing and just write shite as most of the stuff in the boardroomforum is eexactly that. M enjoying it and it winds up many .But unlike you who have worked out Im writing nonsense and see it for what it is I get pms calling me allsorts, I find that comforting that I have upset arseholes.

    Hopefully you can understand this rable and since its not a post the capitals should bE iN the right places.

  3. Hope all is well mate, golfed with Dave P today and he asked me to pass on his best wishes to you, he said you wouldnt believe that he was told only last week by Tattie about you current situation, I told him that there nowt wrong with yer brain or fingers.

  4. You need to stop backing them  into a corner as im getting confused at the amount of subject changes on show :)

    Blinkered horses  can only see the way the jockey wants them to see.

  5. Hope you had a good night sleep last night after the nurse had worked her magic.

    The guy Greg would be better just saying nothing as he gets heated up easy, his Dad is good fun for a wee while and would cheer you up if he visited  you. He lovestalking about himself but is harmless, not talked to him for years but had many dealings with him through the pubs he had over the years.


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    2. piperpete


      Give a carrot to people who think they are important to start with and massage their egos and its easy to get Empire Builders jumping through hoops.

      Think the son is a young guy and I cant believe the other committee members haventpulled him in and told him to stop bitting unless they have a seperate agenda that is suited having a loose cannon while they do other things while eyes are off the ball.

      Until the season ticket holders are asked and involved its doomed, how much would  have cost to put an A4 on every seat at the last game explaining whats going on, although they may not want many new members until certain peole are bedded in.


    3. thebooler


      You think my way. ?

    4. piperpete


      Their hearts are in the right place and no doubt could be useful if they were helped and stopped arguing with potential investers, its a big difference running a pub as you can abuse customers and they do come back again and again for more, I know as im involved in 7 bars soon the be 9.

      Investors are completely different as asking punters to invest say £20 a month you dont argue with them butvagree in public and call them what ever in private.

      The COI are shocking and  they should sit back and study it, how they have been brainwashed into not seeing it is a work of art by some very clever persons.

  6. Hope you haveca good nights sleep mate and get out of hospital soon, I golfed with Dave Peacock on sunday at Kenny Millers dads 60th day out, the fecker not only can play bools but can golf as well, he is taking it up seriously he told me.

    Im on 12 tramadols a day at the moment due tona serious car crash 18 months ago so I can vouch that being in hospital and sleepless nights are worse that watching Celtc but better than the alternative.

    Keep getting better 


    1. thebooler


      Cheers Jim. Davies a good friend so next time you see him tell him Hoody's asking for him.

      I've been in 3bloody hospitals in 7 months and starting to get itchy feet.

      Hopefully another 3 or 4 and I'll get out.


    2. piperpete


      I will do mate, I signed his form today to join our golf club and will see him over the next few days, did you know he is Kenny Ms cousin ? Kenny is a champion boolervas you  probably know.

      Hospitals do my baws in just visiting and after my wee stay 18month ago I loath them even more although the staff are overworked and superb people who just get on with ir even though moaning face cants like us moan.

      I hope your well on the mend and get some sort of life back soon. I have a pal who runs a golf club in Ayrshire whos name is Grant Hood, any relation ?


  7. Sorry mate not being a nosy kant, fat fingers hit your profile instead of you thread, and a mighty good one at that.:7326:



      Nae bother bud a dae it awe the time, anywies ma life is an open book anythin ye want to know just ask !?

    2. piperpete


      Do you think coloured people should get dirty money for working in a flour mill as for years miners in Britain got it for digging coal ?:001:



      Auld yins are the best !(tu)

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