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  1. Great work , this on your main living room wall?
  2. Can i ask for the time of the game on the headline cheers.
  3. The 3pm games are not on though , hopefully this season ill have more luck with sky and BT sports channels.
  4. I agree but if i can work and watch im paying as i work haha.
  5. Id pay for it if Rangers has an app for the iphone or ipad to watch it.
  6. http://goatd.net/154587/watch-charleston-vs-rangers Says its on here
  7. Just about to say that. Had it a few games when Green was there then it went.
  8. Is there a radio link for the game?
  9. Not looking good can't even see the fame in NYC http://www.bigapplebears.com/2016/02/kilmarnock-replay-not-available-for.html?m=1
  10. Look up wookie repo , install it and reboot. It has everything all set out for you endless streams from everwhere .
  11. I was going to head up but im working again.
  12. Yup got it going with Hola via google chrome. https://hola.org/installation_tutorials#chrome-ext-win
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