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  1. Totally dominated and 3 points on the board. Will take it.
  2. As we enter the next 3 weeks of lockdown here is a summary of the advice: 1. You MUST NOT leave the house for any reason, but if you have a reason, you can leave the house 2. Masks are useless at protecting you against the virus, but you may have to wear one because it can save lives, but they may not work, but they may be mandatory, but maybe not 3. Shops are closed, except those shops that are open 4. You must not go to work but you can get another job and go to work 5. You should not go to the Drs or to the hospital unless you have to go there, unless you are too p
  3. Stand and stuff soft tacos with breaded chicken and extra jalapenos.
  4. Nestle kit Kat Easter egg with a chunky kit Kat and a dairy milk Easter egg with a creme egg.
  5. Some team. McCann not out of place in there as a winger either pinging balls in for Cannigia and Wallace.
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