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  1. That really is a spectacular goal, absolute fantasy football stuff.
  2. Could never understand why he was never given a sustained run Hopefully he is being cleverly managed and his time is coming with us.
  3. The guy is the real deal. He is easily good enough for the SPFL.
  4. Fuck is he playing at the dozy bastard.
  5. Cb said in the other thread you were a chubster of bp9 proportions. His words not mine tbh.
  6. Heavyweight battle in full flow.
  7. Smile and cb slugging it out here!
  8. That is so sad. Best wishes to all the family and friends.RIP karen.
  9. Yet Morelos will keep getting played on his own and will keep getting sent off. Defoe's stats there are proof he is up to the job.
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