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  1. My favourite moment ever on Radio Clyde about 30 years ago. Jimmy Sanderson- "Are you accusing me of mendacity?" Tarrier- "Naw, I'm saying you're a liar"
  2. The more successful Hamilton is the more humble he has become,not everybody's cup of tea but I think he's a great champion.
  3. Brilliant 4th world title for Hamilton but Verstappen laying down a massive marker for next season. Next season could be the best ever.
  4. Verstappen,Vettel and Hamilton are all really good racers as well as being really quick,if Red Bull get their act together and provide Verstappen with a decent car F1 will be really competitive again with three top drivers and teams fighting to be number one.
  5. Snap, nice bit of defensive passing from Lewis
  6. Surprised Hamilton isn't doing the same Vettel,is he driving defensively already?
  7. @RFCRobertson where's the Motherwell match thread?Get your act together son.
  8. Used to love this fixture,it's terrible now.
  9. If we were to change the manager I don't want McInnes anywhere near us,we need a proven winner not a nearly man.
  10. I like Herrera's composure in the final third and if teams are just going to sit in against us at home that three upfront could do the business.
  11. And last season how many times did we bemoan that lack of of runners getting into the box and getting on to the end of crosses?Encouraging how many bodies we're getting into the box.
  12. When Pena gets close to Morelos he benefits from his runs and the space he creates.
  13. I just like to see him scoring again soon but he gives his all every week.
  14. Not really swung in with pace but just really accurate.
  15. Can't understand his hatred for us.
  16. That wee bit of quality we were lacking in the final third was provided by Tavs and that as much as anything was the catalyst for the win.
  17. Showed a bit of character to weather the storm second half,excellent stuff Rangers.
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