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  1. Cheers to the non-brain dead for the replies worth reading. Easy to see why i only come on here for a noise up nowadays.
  2. Haven't understood the hype with him. Constant fumbles and flaps. Never comes for corners. Beaten from long range far too often. Goalkeeper is the first area we should be strengthening
  3. McKay's agent will know that a kid of his talent could easily be earning 12-15 grand a week in the English leagues He's probably on a maximum of 5 or 6 now, and maybe doesn't want a long term contract with no prospect of a pay increase That's about the best case scenario here. The worst is that it's to increase his value when we sell him in the summer
  4. Strange that Halliday and Holt are now tied down to 4 year deals but McKay just 2. The cynic in me would suggest that he doesn't want Rangers holding all the aces in his future
  5. Only a one year extension. Bit curious.
  6. Is there any possibility that this will be moved again or am i safe enough booking flights for the Friday?
  7. I don't get Warburton's love of Shiels. Think he's pish if i'm honest. Every single time he starts, he's awful.
  8. Was our talisman in September and October, then by November began to look like he'd never seen a football before Desperately short of confidence and looked unhappy in recent weeks. The short snippet on our website suggests the club didn't want him to go but he pushed for it
  9. Any notion that he wasn't good enough for us is absolute nonsense. Sadly the 'future captain' stuff was never going to happen, as if he hadn't got the injury at Rugby Park we were planning to sell him to Mowbray's West Brom
  10. Thomson didn't play for us at the same time as Jelavic
  11. Ian Black x10000000000 An absolute cunt of a man, plastic hardman, and joke of a footballer Should never have been signed in a million years
  12. Gibson and Osman lol, some people are absolutely clueless about the (correct) market we're shopping in
  13. I love when fanboys claim other fans are too stupid to understand what a player brings to the team, when it's patently obvious they bring very little
  14. Yep, just like we were going to pump Falkirk and the league was going to be over by New Year
  15. When you know you can't beat anyone with words, just call them a Tim (or a Sheep) Merry Christmas to you too
  16. So finishing 20 points behind Celtic and being out of Europe by September every year is the aim? Aberdeen would scoosh us right now, incidentally
  17. You can't expect someone to be on the bench for 10 games in a row, then start one match and play like Pele Novo was the exact same in his latter seasons. Virtually every time he started, he was awful
  18. I forgot that in order to be a proper supporter, you have to claim we'll win every single match comfortably
  19. Holt's been pish in the last 3 or 4 games, though i wouldn't want him dropped completely
  20. I really don't see us winning this game. They have momentum, we've been pish since October Foderingham Tavernier Ball Wilson Wallace Holt Law Halliday McKay Miller Waghorn In the words of Mike Bassett, 4-4-fucking-2
  21. Andy Halliday is a nice guy and a good bear, but the idea of him playing holding midfielder for us in the SPL is absolutely grim. From Hemdani to Halliday in 10 years
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