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  1. A bit underwhelming from the club I thought the team should have been on the field . However the support certainly gave it Lalldy today The UB's were superb today
  2. Just back from the game bloody frustrating all the way through it . I was a lot more patient today than Thursday night, today they get on the front foot Sakalas movement was superb. it was obvious he was going to fade out the game at some point alongside Aribo who continues to frustrate with his three to many touches and steps ending up closed down every time if one player needs a rest for me it's Aribo who started well but also bombed . The amount of times they tried to walk it into the bloody box never mind the net was shocking a few nearly through passes that never came off due to interception but when pushing forward we are too sedate ,continually it comes to nothing . We really should have been out of sight given the domination of the game but the manager has to get on top of these late subs a few players were clearly done in by 65-70 mins in. The players should have been on the park for the unfurling as the backing they received all through the game was again outstanding . The midfield needs overhauled regards creativity & mobility far too much side to side garbage rather than get that winner we needed today.
  3. Need to be better organised as the run of games coming up will go a long way to setting us up for the Season ahead at Home & in Europe .
  4. You can choose who comes over your doorstep those two are poisonous cunts .
  5. Go on spill the beans I'd probably have the same culprits you've got in mind !
  6. He doesn't think there was too much wrong with the performance ! What a ridiculous statement that is on what 50k Bears in that stadium witnessed over 90 odd minutes.
  7. Lundstum got a cracker of a shot away and it should have been a corner when the keeper parried it away from his top right unlike Davis who skied a similar dig from the edge of the box into the Broomloan. I thought in spells he showed a willingness to carry the ball forward rather than shitty infield passes into crowded areas that Davis,Aribo,Kent and Kamara did just about every time they got the ball
  8. They were average more so because we were embarrassing in allowing them to sit in and capitalise on continual errors . Which makes that Rangers team average because they can't even string two passes together or actually take a player on to keep a move flowing or move into a space for a one/two . Changes should have been made earlier in the second half but it was the dismal shitshow we watched in the first half . If they had come out after the break with an intent it would have turned the game but the same crap was dished out it didn't even look as if they got a half time rollicking . I'd give credit where it's due to that Lyon mob but amidst the pathetic Rangers display that mob spent more time on the deck getting fouls from a weak trio of officials only topped by the gutless showing of Rangers.
  9. After sitting through that disgraceful performance against an average side who were barely tested due to the ineptitude in every area of that park tonight . The manager and players should rightly get stuck for that garbage because after 10 mins in they were easily beaten due to not even making basic passes going forward . Even then that midfield is scared to committ itself or find a way through a team sitting in knowing all they have to do is pounce on piss poor effort after effort. No desire to change it from the management you could have replaced any one of that midfield three that's even before we get to the pathetic wing play or lack of it no runners continually playing crap passes into a player with two defenders around him . It's Fucking embarrassing watching that level of performance but hey let's go . So we can plummet even further into the pit they continually dig themselves into . I don't see any Improvement in even the basics it's ridiculous what that management are allowing to fall by the wayside in terms of standards. Not good enough.
  10. Bigoted old bastard nothing more than a mouth piece but a dangerous bastard all the same . Those stoking the flames namely the BBC to accommodate cunts like him need brought to heel great at pointing the finger but can't see beyond their own fucking bigotry as shit stirrings all they know .
  11. That was a struggle today with one eye on Thursdays EL game we really need to be sharper than we were today. Even when we got back into it the momentum fizzled out a great strike from Tavernier and superbly converted penalty from the hard working Kemar Roofe. Kent ,Aribo,Alfredo and Kamara were all off the pace today in providing a service. However 3 pts in the bag neuters that horrible little cunts goal.
  12. Great result for us tonight, thought at times we played some good football all the while when needed showed some good defensive discipline . We really should have scored more but the final ball from some players continues to be an issue In finishing it off in a one on one where an Instinctive striker would be more clinical. However happy to see Scotland back on track after the disappointing game against Denmark & the hard watch that was Moldova .
  13. Astonishingly Brilliant of behalf of the Taliban 😏
  14. My personal view is The Separatists have a problem with Rangers and our supporters given the last few weeks rightly or wrongly whilst disregarding what other clubs supporters are doing of a similar vein by trying to implement an ill thought out policy that is biased in its intentions wholly dreamed up by scumbags who escape the same level of scrutiny that the policy supposedly seeks to eradicate all forms of discrimination but is being used against one section of society being the majority to besmirch at every turn through media and ineffective double standard policing and a distinct lack of enactment of existing legislation on those that show discriminatory behaviour by enforcing the law at the actual time of such behaviour not when some degenerate highlghts it to the authorities via a social media post some 4-5 hours later given what's already there in the public domain of past indiscretions where no action was taken by police Scotland who now look as if they are some sort of reactionary outfit at the behest of the social media three monkeys who only hear see or say what they find offence in who now dictate police policy in Scotland.
  15. Good luck to the guys @ H&H . Those cunts @ The Retard wanted to start a dirty war they've got one now all for a co ordinated attempt to foist legislation from Separatist Bastards with an agenda . A Red Top once staunch Labour now reduced to whoring themselves for Nationalists sums it up.
  16. Decent result but the sitters sums up the lack of composure doubt we'll get those kind of chances against Austria. Billy Gilmour & Nathan Patterson played really well badly need some work on that final ball one on one and better attack of the ball from headers and adding a finish to that header from a set piece.
  17. His tackles today were superb snuffing things out instantly not even waiting two or three seconds just straight in there clean as a whistle likewise Kamara . For me that's how tackling should be when two players are at close quarters in a one on one . Looking for more of the same in the coming weeks that tackling today was as good as Bassey's performance in similar situations we don't see enough of it from our defenders or midfielders. Gerrard out 😁
  18. The other cracker was Callum McGregor plays 60 games a season for four years and is near burn out yet a 36 year old has played as many and been a standout in most at home and in Europe. Norm Irns finest pensioner outshines Semtex starlet shocker but was annonymous in influence of passes and tackles today according to the wallopers. I Reckon we'd best get £2 million for SD to keep us afloat .😁
  19. He was a real comedy turn in his own mind also said Davis & Kamara were missing. Sitting at the lights laughing my head off at that moon unit 🀣
  20. Excellent result a bit off the pace at times today with the final ball. Allowed them too much possession when it should have been ours to do something with the ball. A great confidence booster after a few crap performances . I thought Davis had a cracking game taking charge when needing to, distributing the ball with ease . As above the support was outstanding clubdeck was bouncing and then some.
  21. CJ Bolland is staunch .πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
  22. Black Sabbath were accused of Subliminal & Satanic messages on their Albums . 😬
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