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  1. It's just banter efter aw we've had to endure all sorts of bollox from their hordes. Might as well serve it up regardless of outcome I'm sure Boyd's big enough to take any flak coming his way should it go south. What goes around comes around now this lot realise we won't be pushed around that's been proven on the park many times over the last few years against them.
  2. I'm well aware of it 😁😉 but outwith a one day a month morning assembly that was about as much input as The Kirk got into Non Dom Schooling especially in Primary Education. Whereas the Roman Church see it as a given they should be pandered to when the numbers clearly don't stack up even if they did they'd never be minded to put their hands in their pocket to pay for their separatist education. At least The KJ version gives those of the majority persuasion in Scotland at least to have a better understanding of others & life in general be they Atheist or Believer.
  3. Where's ILL Phil The plastic Bogtrotter his take would've been nice. 😉
  4. Folks should bear in mind that is exactly how they use their leverage by getting access to schools insisting on confirmations for those kids etc etc the blind parents duly oblige even though it's almost a given the majority of them don't even attend a weekly service. The papist church has unfettered access to children purely down to the indoctrination techniques the parents fell unquestioningly into themselves. That rancid club perpetuate the papist ideology to this day made exclusively on a lie to repeat the lies. The Trojan Horse .
  5. Re Griffith's He's a classless reprobate Bastard
  6. He'll be back at Clyde before you know it.
  7. If anyone was a robot it was Steve Davis & Hendry to an extent I mind Davis faced more hostility because of his initial ruthless streak but a superb player like Hendry who had to work hard to win a lot of people over despite their far superior game for the times they broke through more so Davis the crowds were probably more acceptive of Hendry as he was so young having came to prominence on Junior Pot Black.
  8. Great Point regarding mentality Davis & Hendry discussed that very fact acknowledging the likes of O'Sullivan just don't get it even when the field is strong from R1 just being there 17 days is the first thing to overcome never mind who your facing or what you have to overcome in a game more so at the business end .
  9. On another note even when Steve Davis was still qualifying for major tournaments well after his peak he usually went a couple of rounds then it's off ti the commentary box. One year in the B&H Masters he was up against O,Sullivan who was playing well way out in front frame wise to the tune of six or so needing only a few it looked odds on SD was out I'M Sullivan was being a right Arsehole with his arrogance SD started what I can only describe as one of the greatest comebacks I've ever watched he kept OSullivan in his seat rattled off a winning run & beat the cunt the look on his f
  10. Strange maybe a combo of all the above factors he always claimed he gave it 8 hrs a day even into the 2000's in practice. He surpassed most of Steve Davis's records early doors the recent documentary where both players discussed their ambitions & targets were always a motivating factor in how Hendry wanted to outdo Davis & Likewise SD to what went before them. They discussed modern day players like R O'S to Selby it was quite a good insight. I always remember for a while when Hendry was near to his 30's he was up against it he looked Gubbed in 3 Finals against Mark Will
  11. Great point craigyboy. He set a standard that the others followed no one could touch him as he excelled above already decent standards of players at that time but it caught up with him to an extent when the young squad who followed eventually matched him to some extent as well as a drop in form from Hendryt comes to them all. Calling time when he did was disappointing although the field had evened out the comebacks the last few years of older players has been good to see but only Hendry will know if it's worth returning for which he said he would a while after stepping down.
  12. I think those two finals in 93 & 94 & who Henry beat to get there are amongst the Greatest games of Snooker I've watched. I would say his style varied greatly down the years from Ruthless to at times Showy but in a very controlled way that it still did damage. For me the best all round player I've watched having grown up watching Alex Higgins& Jimmy White to Davis's domination ousting the old guard much in the same ruthless way Henry did albeit two great showman in White & Higgins still in there through the early 80s then along comes Hendry who also had many competitors b
  13. Rangers v Hibs In a Cup Semi Final in the early 1990's The Gers went out in that game always mind Mo Johnston hitting the post in the dying embers of that game which would have given us a lifeline, we had the whole Celtic End that night as I was in it the old days when you could still pay at the gate.
  14. Quote Peter 1872 "other non dom schools have the same thing like pirie park primary school " You miss the point regarding the last minute change from what was initially billed as A Community Centre only to be renamed which was a dubious late change of circumstance considering this was billed by Glasgow Life as a Community Venture, not for A Catholic School that now gets exclusive use of facilities & name change that states quite categorically who the intended facilities were aimed at all along.
  15. Anyone in any doubt as to dubious tie up's with GCC or any of their offshoots need look no further than a Community centre opened a few years ago in Summerston , NW Glasgow. Where it was to be named Summerston Community/Sports Centre quickly re named John Paul Community Centre where upon opening it was suddenly renamed amid a tie in with the local Catholic School who unusually had no facilities of this calibre apparently given the previous luxuries their Schools were afforded like Swimming pools at the expense of Non Dom Schools the very inclusion of a former pope in name hints at the lengths
  16. The wee campaign by Garth Crooks (Ex Spurs) to convince everybody that Football clubs are Inherently racist by not Employing black people in management was blown out the water with Paul Inces Appointment at the time. Chris Hughton is doing a job at Norwich so dispels the myth still being peddled by the likes of Crooks on the BBC where his idea of equality is flood a limited market with people based on race only. it's attitudes like his that need challenged but given his free reign In spouting such shite he gets away with it none of his colleagues have effectively called his bluff.
  17. For the record they did stick up for their fans last year when it came to having to fork out the School Uniforms
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