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  1. I was out in Malta last week and watch the cup game in the Scotsman bar, there was about 10 of his family in to watch the game they were all so proud that the young lad was playing for Rangers and were genuinely upset at the result I actually felt worst for them after the game than I did for myself.
  2. Always beware of the quite guys.
  3. Yes. I will never forget the week the shit hit the fan and they pair of fat cunts won the biggest euro millions ever £ 160m and my first thought was I would have gave every penny to sort our shit out ! then I thought how the fuck would I tell the wife where the £160m went.
  4. If only we had big Sam in the dug out
  5. The white van is still busy ! Looking for @cumnockbear phone.
  6. If that's the way of your thinking, thank goodness you failed in your attempt to gain the SLO job.
  7. They can charge what they like remember we are rip the hole loyalists.
  8. Bring back Miss World Eric Morley. They were some the best days of my life morleys nightspot.
  9. Spot on not one of these players will play for a bigger club than they play for right now.
  10. https://rangers.co.uk/news/club/joshuas-specialized-day/ Well done once again Rangers.
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