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  1. LA Chargers v Cleveland game was wild too - Browns 1st team in history to lose after scoring 40 points and no turnovers most entertaining week of the season so far
  2. Most including myself were worried about a bad result but it got turned around in 2nd half squad just need to rediscover self belief and kick on from here ns
  3. The term “Butchers apron” is an extreme, and imbecilic way to describe the flag of the uk yet it’s use tolerated and promoted by significant sections of society in Scotland.
  4. And the label “COVID champions” actually applies to them when handed the 19/20 title
  5. Don’t know what to expect tbh If we score 1st we win intae em
  6. More than enough quality to beat this mob play up the Glasgow Rangers
  7. Fair enough he’s not played for over a year but Katic is good enough to be 3rd centre half and even competing for starting lineup. Should bring him back up to full fitness and get him ahead of Simpson and Balagun
  8. Katic is a generally solid centre half and a threat from corners. I’d give him another look now
  9. Spfl bias, Masonic referees etc etc…..
  10. Looks like he’d taken a knock a few moments beforehand anaw
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