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  1. Keep the good times coming 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  2. It’s as much about mental preparation as team selection. SG and coaching team really need to get them fired up for this
  3. Agreed - a wee bit of a sub par performance today should provide impetus for the weeks training and king konk’s comments play directly into our hands
  4. Nippy more bothered about her feud with Salmond M8
  5. The 5-1 game not the last one at Wembley
  6. The gaffer scored a long range goal that game Also the day Brian Moire died
  7. As the man said C****c keepers not fit to lace his boots
  8. Tbf this took ages to come about and gave Patterson a decent run in the side
  9. Contrary to what the Scottish media might think and say we have a very progressive record regarding players from a non white background We were the first club to bring a high profile black player into the Scottish league and many will recall the racist abuse which was directed towards him by other clubs fans including the mhanky mob
  10. They seriously think this is a blip , they have a better side and have underperformed under poor management this season show them a few home truths
  11. Just hope there’s a way of proving what the cowardly scumbag said
  12. The close defeats were also c***s as we were had chances to win like the new year game at Ibrox where Kenny scored early and the Windass Candeias game where we were 2-1 up in the 1st half they bossed us in 2nd half both games these need avenging as well
  13. Really hope we’re fired up after last night and give them the schooling they deserve Big game as got to avoid losing unbeaten record to them no surrender
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