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  1. It was a poorly selected Scotland side which lost that  5-1 game wasn’t the keeper’s fault

    high water mark for England in the Revie era mind, went downhill rapidly from then and failed to qualify for the 1978 World Cup whereas Scotland did :whistle:

  2. Was an exciting addition to the club in the Warburton promotion season but then struggled at times with the step up to the SPL . perseverance paid off and He’s now reached the summit. everyone’s delighted for him. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

    I've no doubt we'll be prepared. We've had them come all guns blazing the last 2 and still they couldn't win. 

    Today wasn't great but we still won. I think we'll go up a gear next weekend and end their season. JK comments about being the best should be extra motivation to shut them up

    Agreed - a wee bit of a sub par performance today should provide impetus for the weeks training and king konk’s  comments play directly into our hands

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