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  1. Pleased to see everyone in the media sticking the boot into the scum . They did it to us for years . Although I'm loving it I can't help but see the sordid media circus for the shower of sensationalist scumbags they are .
  2. I am liking this A club of sectarian bigots getting what they deserve . Roll on 6pm for the phone in , this is going to be a 10 canner
  3. Well said , just telling the truth and it hurts them
  4. I like your comment mate and although I agree with it , I'm seeing it different as well . We went to dubai after a cracking dominant performance against the scum , we came back utter shite . A wee break does us all good , but I think the dressing room there is fractured and imploding .Going away with arseholes you hate isn't a good idea . Above all that , they've tried their best and lost . There must be a moment of clarity where even they can see it's gone .
  5. How much are shares right now ? . Also , could 1872 not veto further share releases with their new percentage ? If they went above 29 percent they would need to offer to buy everyone , so would this be paying into 1872 finished ?. Great idea but fan groups seem to do nothing but bicker and fight , IMO of course .
  6. Absolute shower of scum , the dregs of humanity . Lost a football game FFS Who would want to manage these mutant scumbags . Loving it !
  7. The ferocity with which the fans , pundits and old pals have knifed Lennon in the back is shocking . Had the tranny on there and Keevins etc are just sinking the boot into the guy with gusto . Fair enough , I'm loving it , but something a bit sad about this . Still miles of football to play and games in hand , but these ham shankers want blood the first time things go wrong . Shower of shite .
  8. Aye , some of the shit we've had to endure since 2012 has been heartbreaking , but we've held fast and it's a credit to us all . Never off the front page of the papers for one reason or another . Charles Green , the Easdales , Pedro etc I'm glad all that shit seems to be over , it's the scums turn now and I'm loving it big time
  9. Agreed Malky , he does come out with some sensible stuff and some of it I do agree with . However sometimes he doesn't tell the truth or skews the narrative so he doesn't have to be 100% truthful . The Morelos carry on with the Bill Leckie article and the racist debate I don't recall him condemning , not to mention his association with the Scum Boys Club around the time of Torbett are stains he can't shake off .
  10. If the scum don't win this year it will be one of the greatest tragedies in the history of their club . The pressure on the manager is of biblical proportions . I am loving it , absolutely loving it .
  11. Lemon has lost the dressing room , just like he always does , rinse and repeat . Writing is on the wall for any team that plays them - if you give it your best shot you have a chance of beating them , if you don't you'll get beat anyway . What's to lose ?
  12. Sheridan is modelling his speech on George Galloway , the similarities are embarrassing . Desperate to stay relevant it seems .
  13. His track record speaks for itself . Just a few things not going his way and the cracks spear . Quite enjoyed his dismantling of the convicted sectarian bigot Greeffiths , but he maybe went a bit far. He'll loose the dressing room by Christmas guaranteed 😉.
  14. Never really been keen on the Irish pub jolly craicster thing . It's an identity crisis and a myth rolled into one . I'd rather just not go there .
  15. I believe it's true . Shit like that must go on all the time at clubs . That wee shite Griffith's is an annoying bigot , so not surprised ....if it's true of course .
  16. Geez a brek ! I need to read some of my posts before I post . I feel a total wallpaper .
  17. Aye , absolute rockets , filmed inside the paedo dome with the club ambassador . Total wallpapers believe this shit .
  18. Hmmm , maybe Broonie should give the pope a shout and find out what the RC church think about gays before opening his mouth . He'd be better just trying to play football and solving the palestinian problem , but maybe it's more fashionable to support gays now . I'm maybe just bitter the arse bandits have highjacked the rainbow colour combination , must be a few thousand Rasta men having to change their wardrobes now .
  19. Daddy supported the Nazi's during the war son , that's why scum fans were called H*** .
  20. Has the Lurgan Bigot actually signed a contract with the Paedos yet ? I heard him saying he was minded to sign , but seems strange there hasny been a big to do about him signing up for a ten year rolling deal with Lawell waiting in the showers for him .
  21. Their teams been shite since new year , bad ju ju going about . They were playing shite before the bigot appeared . . There might be a couple of good showings to come before the bigot kachs his own doorstep and he loses the dressing room again . Him and myalby can always hang about jintys trying to shag random birds till he gets the boot .
  22. I think it's great they have Lennon , but I never saw it coming . This is the guy that will represent the scum in hundreds of interviews on TV and radio . A bitter bigot who's antics have caused untold trouble in Scotland . A guy that threatens women with knives . A serial adulterer . And out of all the people they could get they've gone back and signed the Lurgan Bigot as the face of the scum . You couldny make this up 😀
  23. Ach , just a sheep fan at work who is allegedly in the know At the time Calderwood left the sheep I couldn't understand why , as they were actually doing not bad .I thought he'd be ideal for us . In the know guy heard he made life hell for the twadger with the wig , and had also done so at his previous clubs . Good enough manager but gets hunted for causing grief . Probably a load of shite , but he did get the bums rush from the sheep for some reason other than football ?
  24. Aye , I thought Calderwood would be ideal for the job a while back . From what I hear though , all his previous employers are saying he is a total Fing nightmare to work with . Regardless of how good or bad he might be , he's a bunny boiler
  25. Good read , thanks for that . Spiers seems to be one of these journalists who goes about spouting opinions as opposed to writing factual articles . He has contributed to tarnishing the Rangers brand and should be hounded at every opportunity .
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