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  1. This useless t** still not apologised yet?
  2. I Never seen anything special about the boy. Happens unfortunately but good luck to him, hope he finds a decent club soon.
  3. Findlay that’s got to be the worst suggestion ever.
  4. Don’t know if this is good or not. Would they not be better going out on loan to League 2/1, Championship sides or staying in the U20s and playing against other U20s teams? A few seasons ago did the youth teams not just play solely against European opposition and did well?
  5. Voted MacGregor but was really hard to pick. Him, Davis, Goldson, Tav, Kamara and Roofe have been outstanding this season
  6. GRFC96


    Would offer him a one year extension. Who knows maybe he’d like to stay as a coach but thats wishful thinking. What a career the man has had. Consummate professional.
  7. Don’t understand how Operation Yewtree haven’t caught up with the old git yet. An absolute stick on for sleeping with minors in the 70s / 80s.
  8. Hard because they’ve all been excellent but mcgregor due to the saves he makes that can win a game.
  9. i’d keep it how it is
  10. Seen a video of the guy, looks not bad. Worth a gamble, heard he’s been linked with Lille too.
  11. Big spew needs the olbass oil Making a rip roaring c*** of things as usual
  12. Like you were on mine to find out I stay on the Isle of Bute? 😂 Juvenile response but okay we’ll leave it at that 👍🏻
  13. You’ve clearly posted something ridiculous on Feb 25th (I’ll give you a couple of minutes to go through your posts and come back saying ‘what post have I said thats ridiculous’) Also I don’t go through months worth of your posts because tbh I couldn’t give a shit what you have to say. You get upset over what a random guy says on a forum 😂
  14. Says the one that’s getting upset over what a random guy on a forum says? 😂 You without doubt were one of those that stood up and applauded Gerrard on 8 minutes last night, probably tried to get people beside you to do the same.
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