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  1. Thought it'd be beneficial for some on here to read this before tearing in to the poor guy, showed more loyalty than all these other 'Rangers men'.
  2. That's not all, one of them looked aggressively at a Celt*c fan - disgusting, totally unbecoming of Rangers fans.
  3. Well it'd maybe be better posting on one of the threads that are having a serious pop at them
  4. I have it on good authority one of them has just swore, that's fucking it - shut down BF1.
  5. Wild rumours going around that one of them was impolite to a police officer and another one littered on the way to the game tonight - absolutely sickening!
  6. I've not sponsored since the original one, will need to dip my hand in my pocket eventually
  7. I wasn't having a go, just a general observation I agree but it's his club email address which is often posted here so it's probably only him that has access to that - he also gets loads of people hounding him on facebook etc. from what I've heard.
  8. Jim Hannah's inbox must be full the amount of times people suggest emailing him on here - unsurprising he doesn't get back to everyone.
  9. As stated before had heard he didn't have long to go last month but didn't think it was appropriate to put on here. RIP to a Rangers great.
  10. Wipes his arse with Daly and Hutton's training gear apparently, worth every penny!
  11. Hegarty's better than any RB we have currently (pre injury form) IMO and surely must be one of the lowest paid players in our squad.
  12. Not enough abuse in here, he did the exact same as Naishame, Laffatme etc.
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