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  1. So do I, however given the recent habit that has developed of fabricating "evidence" against Rangers players and supporters, my money would be on the second option. Edit. On thinking about it, perhaps it is a Bear was responsible looking for bites? Given the mentality of many amongst that mhob I am sure that there will be plenty of Them who will believe that a referee will run around grinning like a cheshire cat when covered by dozens of cameras , after Rangers score, as reality.
  2. Photoshop Loyal, real photo shows his face (not Alfie's) like a wet Sunday afternoon.
  3. Morelos and Rangers fans in irresponsible behaviour outrage. Dear Leader to address nation in the morning. Humza Useless to visit site of vile and disgusting scenes to spit faux outrage and condemnation into gathered mhedia cameras. Or something like that come Monday morning.
  4. The amount of seethe that image will already have, and will produce as more witness it in the near future will blow a hole in the ozone layer above Scotland, not a good start to Cop26.
  5. Guarantee that some loonies will claim that St Boo should be allowed an extra sub, just because.
  6. Let us see, stonewall penalty that should never have been given, Morelos should have seen red, all we need now is an onside goal that should have been called off for a Sporscene full house.
  7. Called it Tom. IF (big if) we win this, the screams from the usual suspect will be window shattering.
  8. Don't care, just thought I would post it as it is rather unusual, make of it as you will.
  9. I was in Warsaw & Rotterdam and never felt in any way threatened at any time. I especially enjoyed Rotterdam (result excepted of course, fuck you Hugedonkey) where not only did the Dutch Polis have things nailed down, had us safely housed in our own wee bit, but also by and large treated us decently. As long as the travelling Bears stay together, do not do anything stupid then, as you said they will be absolutely fine as 99% of Brondy fans will just be ordinary punters wanting nothing more than to support their team.
  10. Bit naughty from Wright. Cue demands for action from Scottish media.
  11. Brondby head coach Niels Frederiksen is defo off the Mhanky Mhob xmas card list after waxing lyrical about our history and comparing us favourably to Them. Speaks very highly about us, which is nice, but I still hope we pump you tonight Niels. Given out current form though I will take any sort of win, and hope for good measure that the ref blows for time up on the 85th minute.
  12. Did not know this. What does it take to be actually knocked out of Euro football nowadays?
  13. Hardly something to get excited about, never mind care about. I doubt that the Hungarians are on a bonus for finishing third.
  14. Problem is, the Hungarians have nothing to play for They are out regardless of result.
  15. Then they meet Leverkusen away
  16. Spot on, does not change the fact that we have been a shadow of the relentle55 of last season.
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