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  1. Dreadful news. Rest in peace Walter. Your achievements for us are immortal.
  2. Like debating with a pigeon. So what exactly do you think, in your data analyst, no actual thinking head, do you think defines who has "a right to be in a country"? What are the attributes of someone who has the right to go from here to France? What is the ultimate cmon factor with someone accepted into North Korea and France? Is anyone ever refused a passport? Would someone with a valid passport ever get stopped and lifted entering a country? If so why?
  3. You are a fucking zoomer. You understand the concept of nationhood? That passports are a way to keep bad people from getting in and harming your populace ? Yes?
  4. Exclude them from what ? Clubs and hobbies? No. I do not see your niece situation as anything like the same however. That is just a venue saying if you want to do this hobby here we need to know you are fit for the venues benefit, not so much hers. Would a speedway club let you participate without a safety helmet? She gets a direct benefit from the venue being aware of her condition. What direct benefit do I get from someone else knowing my vax status? And before u answer guy in front of my son caught it and was already double vax'd. Do not getting covid is not one of them. This shite is from the gov remember.
  5. RUBBISH. So probably less than 0.5 % of the population fall into the situation of having to give that, sorry having someone else give their info over. I have never had to do it. Most brits have never had to I would wager. By a fucking large majority.
  6. Could I have a copy of your health info and I will give that? I am OK with that. @ger4life_1872
  7. OK and what would be Rangers motivation for wanting this do you think?
  8. Aw ffs . You just admitted you don't give any of your own health info. You give someone else's. You really don't see the point do you.
  9. So to sum up then, A minor therefore not full adult responsibility for own actions A known underlying health issue wanting to take part in an activity with a direct physical impact that could be made serious because of the underlying health issue and no way to mitigate against that issue. Whereas you dont need to provide any medical info about yourself at all presumably because you do not see a risk to yourself? Re your question, tell me why would I need to provide medical info about me when I have no underlying health condition, am pretty much at my ideal weight, have mitigated my covid risk when all I want to do is sit in a seat? It is exactly the same principle.
  10. Ok, well my sympathies with that child mate but I have to say that you are being slightly sparse with the truth. Again there is a clear and direct link between the activity and the condition being monitored. That is different. I assume it was a one off check to allow that child to join your club rather than being checked every single trip? What health information did you have to divulge about yourself direct from your doctor to allow you to take these kids there?
  11. Eh no. Clutching at fucking straws you are. If they have such a hard on for passports they could just get fans to sign a one off letter saying they have the jabs. If not offer them their money back. Infrastructure not needed.
  12. I see and was this letter written about yourself or one or more of the children in your care?
  13. Again. A total lack of understanding of business. If Rangers wanted it they would have introduced earlier. There is a cost associated with everything and businesses always try to remove cost. That increases profits or allows them to complete with lower prices or a combination of the two. So tell me why they did not introduce earlier. Please. Well you know, most supermarkets have security staff. I have seen them challenge shoplifters and people when the door detectors beep. So I think you are clutching at straws. Most people without masks dont look that threatening.
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