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  1. I don't see us winning it at parkhead. I think they will drop more points between now and then.
  2. Is this not the same guy who wanted to do away with the need for corroborative evidence in some criminal trials? Pretty sure it is. If so it tells you all you need to know about him. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-25623509 Further, he was behind the malicious prosecution of the D&P guys. From sun article "His role in the prosecutions of David Whitehouse and Paul Clark, administrators who were involved in the takeover of Rangers back in 2012, was once again called into question in the debating chamber yesterday. The pair were awarded the combined
  3. Sorry for posting in bears den. Do we have a boardroom forum? How to get access? When i try to access lord advocate thread I am told I need 25 posts. In 7 years am sure have much more than that. Confused.
  4. My biggest worry is we go back to not shooting. Over reliance on crossing especially when the front line is disrupted will lead to a dearth of goals. No coincidence st johnstone goal came from real hagi magic and a dig from edge of the box.
  5. Agree with ur last paragraph. Lawwells legacy is shit cause of 55. He is leaving far too easy. I think we have done something in the background. Comp officer situation as well. Strange
  6. Agreed. I thought we were onto our first loss. A lot of work to be done before next game.
  7. So many writing this off at their peril. Who would have thought u could award a fucking title when the games had not all been played?? The were very selective with the info they released. People seem keeping the spfl about is important to the spfl and the tags. It is not. They would happily see the spfl fold to protect the taigs. Watch the cunts like hawks . Offering the championship to stop playing says it all.
  8. Correct. People seem to seriously underestimated the scum in charge of our game.
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