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  1. Agreed. I thought we were onto our first loss. A lot of work to be done before next game.
  2. So many writing this off at their peril. Who would have thought u could award a fucking title when the games had not all been played?? The were very selective with the info they released. People seem keeping the spfl about is important to the spfl and the tags. It is not. They would happily see the spfl fold to protect the taigs. Watch the cunts like hawks . Offering the championship to stop playing says it all.
  3. Correct. People seem to seriously underestimated the scum in charge of our game.
  4. I actually think the cabal is on the back foot now. If we have clubs saying they were muted then that will be the warning sign to even the most cowardly chairman. They will know that as things are they have zero control over their own future and are liable to be sacrificed by SPFL to protect the taigs. Get 55 then strike Rangers.
  5. Agreed. Events around us winning 55 will likely force mistakes from the cabal. I refuse to believe they will tolerate us willing it and zapping 10iaR. They will try soimething underhand. Lets just be sure to catch them, make sure the dirt sticks and then use that. I suspect the worm will turn esp when we are seen as a force again.
  6. Something tells me they won't find it so easy this time.
  7. Yup. A professional approach would reason that clubs should play games as soon as possible. That way the impact on the league of covid is de-risked. Come next week celtic could have played further two games allowing scope for covid related postponement if required. Instead ALL clubs are now carrying increased risk of celtic further delays AND extra infection risk from dubai and London from Duffy. Questions should be getting asked by clubs.
  8. Yup. Rangers better be lawyered up just now. They will try to fuck us. I promise u.
  9. Think Rangers do have a comment to make here. We punished 2 players for breaking the rules while could have put us at a disadvantage. Is the official position now that we should not have bothered?
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