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  1. Donated Was great to meet broxi at the game today.
  2. Thanks for the positive comments @jintybear . Happy to have helped you out
  3. we are more than capable of scoring 4 , may be wishful thinking but still think its worth a punt.
  4. A few years ago they covered Davy coppers headstone in white paint just before his birthday.. as I work in that cemetery myself and my workmate spent 3 hours cleaning it and bought new stones to replace the ones around it... the x scum players in the cemetery never get vandalised.. shows which supporters have class.
  5. i don't know her personally , a friends sister.
  6. it's a woman that will be sitting next to you jinty!
  7. nice to meet you @jintybear all you need to do now is hide the ticket from your husband
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