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  1. What a day, waited 26years for that payback. Glad to know it still hurts them.
  2. Is the whole point of youth football not to find and develop the future Rangers greats? Performances and wins by the youth team are nice to see but don’t matter a jot if none of the players progress to the first team.
  3. I do like Lowry. Appears to have a lot of confidence and style, very Baxteresque. Still young though and probably a long way of first team involvement at moment. Hope he continues to develop and improve and not just fall by the wayside like so many of our hopefuls seem to do.
  4. Quite honestly if they fail to turn up during the ninety minutes when it matters, I don’t need their platitudes after the final whistle. I wasn’t there on Sunday but, if I I had been, I’d have been heading for the exit stairs as soon as the final whistle sounded.
  5. Media concocted story. Three-one down, the odds were against us coming back so Gio was on a hiding to nothing. If Gio had gone into dressing room and it didn’t turn the game on his head, the media story would have been Gio fails to get a response from his team and undermines the existing back room staff in the process. Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t as far as the media are concerned. I think he did the right thing and suspect most Rangers fans believe the same.
  6. Was that Defoe’s official role? Might have been but I took his staying on was more of an offer to give him some initial experience on the coaching side (with an emergency playing role if required). I wouldn’t be surprised if him and Gio know each other as I think they may have played at the same time for London clubs. Given the fact that Gio was also given opportunity to spend some time in a learning capacity behind the scenes at Man City, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just let Defoe continue in his back room role until his contract is up (think it was only for a year anyway). Depends of course if Defoe wants to stay under the new backroom team
  7. He said in the press conference today he was at our game with Feyenoord over there. So he has seen what Alfie can do when he’s at his best (and near to his worst yesterday). Good test of Gio’s man management skills to see if he can get him back firing (although ultimately it will depend if Morelos is up for it).
  8. Until tonight and she walks by, hand in hand with another guy, she’s dressed to kill and guess who’s dying.
  9. As many have said the team wasn’t that great through the early 80s, however the attendances even in the late 60s and 70s were on the wane. Even then, although you would get good crowds for the Hibs, Hearts, celtic games, we were struggling to make 25-30k at weekends for the provincial teams and 10k less than that during the week. Think people in general had increasingly more money, more options and a lot had moved out from Glasgow to the new towns. As others have said, the stadium was redeveloped in the early 80s, Copland Stand was 79/80 and Broomloan the following year. I think that change also has some effect as many of the old timers were used to standing and to lower gate prices. I know my old man gave up going in 1980 after they built the Copland Rd Stand and the wilder element of our support decanted into the Enclosure which was until then a bit of a refuge from them. In regard to safety, although it was worse than now it was considerably better than the 60s and 70s due to the measures taken after the disaster and the 1980 cup final.
  10. Russell Martin, good God. Suppose, on the bright side, it would remove any concerns about being refused entry into Ibrox without a VP.
  11. This is the bit that I find most annoying. Yeh, we all pretty well knew that words are cheap and Gerard would leave the first time he felt a better opportunity was in the offing. Hard enough that he leaves in the middle of the season before some vital games but if he’s totally going to clean out all our support staff at the same time it shows total disrespect and lack of any concern for Rangers and the fans.
  12. Would hope we would be able to leverage more money for him than that (unless there is some ceiling in his contract). Particularly so, if he’s going to take the entire back room team with him.
  13. Still think that if Gerard goes, our best option would be to try to court Beale into taking the manager’s job. He’ll never get a better opportunity of making a name for himself as the main man, particularly as he already knows and been key to developing our team. The analogy with Walter taking over from Souness is there. I know he doesn’t have the attachment to us that Walter had but the time might be right for him to strike out on his own. From our standpoint, it would at least alleviate some of the disruption that will result if Gerard leaves, providing some continuity to the players. Not convinced about bringing in a foreign manager, that route has never worked out very well for us (excepting the two years Advocaat was allowed to throw money around).
  14. You’re right. Nowadays, it pays not to to take what anybody says at face value (unless you actually know them well). Ambition, status and money will almost always be predominant driving factors, talk is cheap.
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