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  1. I see BLM (and its symbols) is achieving what it was created/ imported to do. Creating division where there was previously none.
  2. Since I paid for the package of preseason games on RTV, now missing out on one game because of Blackpool cancellation. You would think Rangers would throw this game in as a freebie to compensate.
  3. He wasn’t the best, although tried hard. He was pretty damn quick but didn’t have too many other attributes to make him a regular first team choice.
  4. Brilliant goal and well deserved winner of the award. Was thinking about this goal recently when some fans were giving Roofe grief for carelessly giving away the ball against St Johnstone which led to their last minute goal. The Liege goal, taking a shot from your own half, wasn’t the percentage play when you are one up going into injury time. Nine times out of ten it would probably have given their goalkeeper cheap possession and the ability to launch another final attack (I’m still haunted by that late goal against Levski 30years ago). Not trying to detract from such a fantastic goa
  5. Standard grievance industry tactic. Create an oppressor-victim narrative, inferring discrimination by an out group on a more favoured group. Maximises the publicity/influence given to the grievance hucksters and ensures all public funding flows in their direction.
  6. I hope it’s individuals that the club are going after rather than organisations. Having some of the loudmouths having to dig deep financially would be a shot across the bows of anyone thinking of doing the same thing in future.
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