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  1. Badly need a new system to prevent matches being refereed again by tv pundits and the press. One solution might be to bring in var with no retrospective action after the match.
  2. There really needs to be some sort of system devised that prevents commentators and pundits having a second go at refereeing the game during / after the event. The current system is completely open to bias and manipulation and therefore not fit for purpose. As long as we have Alfie, I think we may have to accept that his disciplinary issues are part of the package and we are going to see him suspended for a few games each season. As some balance to this, we have had plenty of key players over the years who spent a similar amount of games and more missing due to injury. I honestly cann
  3. Stevie G made a pertinent point in his press conference last week about not cancelling in order to give some kind of outlet/escape from the lockdown tedium for the general public. Covid is not everything, there are a hell of a lot of people hanging on to their mental health by their fingertips at the moment. Football might not seem important in the general scheme of things but if it maybe can take people’s mind of their own problems for a few hours and the sheer tedium of life at the present time.
  4. Yeh, like many others, his reputation probably exceeded his ability. From memory of the 94 WC, he was very quick and needed space to run into ahead of him. Might have done us a turn in Europe but don’t think he would have been suited to Scottish football and teams parking the bus against us.
  5. Thern was another one who came with a big reputation and failed to shine (apart for that goal, which alone may have made it worth signing him if we’d won the league on the back of it)
  6. Yeh, that was the one I thought of too. We chased him all summer and it looked a goer for much of it. The thought of him and Laudrup paired together upfront was pretty exciting. End of the day, we missed out and ended up with Salenko as a consolation prize.
  7. Not really his fault but I always think of the 5.5million we supposedly paid for him a few months after Murray got rid of Gazza for 3million. Although Gazza was effectively finished by that time, I still can’t help thinking the final home loss against Kilmarnock was made for him to come on as sub and produce a moment of brilliance. What might have been.
  8. Get your money on Morelos hitting the winner against celtic on the 2nd. It’s the way these things happen
  9. Have to agree with the OP, we should not get carried away. I think we have played very well so far this season but I do think we have also been getting a few breaks along the way in terms of deflections, opposition missing clear chances, etc. They do say good teams create their own good luck so let’s hope that continues. Having watched Rangers for so many years now that it is almost expected that if we can make things difficult for ourselves, we will. It is highly likely that at some stage our form will shade and we will have some set backs and it is how we deal with them that will de
  10. Totally agree, should have just his mouth. They are fighting amongst themselves at the present time. King just gave them something to galvanise around with his comments.
  11. Although true, it’s kind of stupid of King to broadcast to other clubs that he considers it essential we sell players over next year.
  12. With the government doubling down on their demonic lockdown strategy, I don’t see much hope that there will be many allowed in the ground prior to the end of the season. The elephant in the room for the club will then be will the fans be willing to stump up another £500 plus for a season ticket with no guarantee of regular admittance at games. Throw in the economic consequences of lockdown starting to really hit, possible imposition of health passports, wearing masks, etc, I would not be surprised at a major downturn in season ticket sales. Winning 55 may stave things of somewhat but still
  13. Auld fear monger. Total irresponsible. Could try engaging his brain for a change.
  14. Long way to go but them getting sidetracked into having extra games in the Scottish Cup and then having to play catch up in the League can only be an advantage to us. We still have to keep doing our part but the more they are loaded up with extra games, the more likely injuries, fatigue and the pressure of chasing a team who have points in the bank will take its toll. Winning the Cup is of no merit if the endeavours help stop you winning the League. Think back to us in 2008, winning the SC that year was like being given a consolation prize.
  15. Having a ‘guard of honour’ should be a private voluntary decision made by our management/players. As soon as it is raised by the press, it ceases to become this and should not be entertained.
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