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  1. And now Tom's fellow Bluenose brother Luke who introduced Tom to the Club has this evening won Europe's Strongest Man. Tom didn't compete but we have Europe and World domination by the world's strongest Rangers men.
  2. Great stuff Andy
  3. Yes its a shame for Luke but great for Tom. Final standings.
  4. Aye I was watching the live Loz feed 30 minutes in the past . Fud indeed
  5. Yup, Big Loz just confirmed on his live stream. Tom is WSM. Looks like Luke dropped to 4th.
  6. The secret spreadsheet of revelations. Half an hour till the final event.
  7. Tom's triceps have let him down a bit in the maximum log lift, just 2.5 points. Brother Luke's triceps performed well and he won the event. Tom now in first place with 31 points, Brian Shaw second with 28 points and Luke in 3rd with 27 points. We could get a Rangers 1 and 2 by the end of the day.
  8. Second event just finished and Tom won again. He now has 20 points and brother Luke and Brian Shaw in joint second with 13 points.
  9. His training top's a better fit and has stood up well.
  10. Tom Stoltman competing in final of World's Strongest Man this weekend in California. Big Tom is currently in first place after event 1. Brother Luke in 4th.
  11. This is our year BRU, I can feel it....
  12. Happy New Year, 2020, the year we are back on top.💪
  13. Sorry for your loss mate, may Andrew rest in peace.
  14. If you read the notes to the accounts you will see that this was 100% normal turnover from the sale of products, Nothing to do with Puma.
  15. it looked a lot clearer one everyone got their cards in place.
  16. Aye the chant soon put their gas at a peep.
  17. Thank goodness the Russians saved to atmosphere by performing their George square candlelight vigil tribute using their phone lights. Pure artistry it was and brought a touch of glamour to the proceedings.
  18. I was as far away from the Rapid section as possible but their 2000 fans singing drowned us out until the second goal. They took their beating well and really added to the occasion of a great night back in the later stages if European competition at long last. Couldn't have asked for better opposition fans, loud and supportive of the team but ultimately well beaten.
  19. Yes its a pity the guys at law firm waited until today to realise that SD were correct in their interpretation of the contract. Mind you, they are getting a nice bit of fee income out of it courtesy of the season ticked money. Fuck knows why the Club are entertaining their legal fee bill.
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