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  1. 3 big games in a row they've won, something we've not managed yet this season. Find it difficult to be concerned about them with the state we're in atm tbh.
  2. Want to go into this as blind as possible, interesting to see how they handle it moving to open world.
  3. Must've missed the hat trick he scored at Ibrox...
  4. Ragnarok is going to be top drawer.
  5. God of War is phenomenal, currently playing through the trilogy atm.
  6. That's up there with weans kicking your seat umpteen times during a game.
  7. Season started at the end of July and we still haven't got going, beyond a joke.
  8. Just in from work with a Stella cracked, buzzing for this now.
  9. Away practice corner kicks ya midden.
  10. Boca v River and the Milan derby back in the day. Most of them are tame as fuck now. Always wanted to watch a game in the Sudtribune as well.
  11. Working Friday night so looking forward to being half jaked sleeping on the 25th minute.
  12. What have previous Newcastle managers ever won apart from Benitez? Never mind Newcastle, the overwhelming majority of managers down south have won next to nothing yet continually land PL jobs no bother.
  13. People that think he'd turn down the opportunity to go back down south and virtually sign any player he'd want in world football are at it.
  14. If you're only ever playing GTA and FIFA there's literally no point tbh.
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