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  1. If you watch the Shawshank Redemption backwards it's about a guy swimming through miles of shite to break into jail for a rock hammer.
  2. Be sauntering into work at 10pm with party poppers and bowler hats.
  3. How good was the OG Coulibaly before he got injured
  4. Never seen the Facebook post but that's the tramp in the video.
  5. How easy is it to find out somebody's name and where they stay 🤭
  6. Best crosser of a ball since Neil McCann yet we should sell him because he was poor defensively today
  7. Just checking this thread and seeing Hagi has 20 goal contributions this season so far yet still can't start week in, week out. Frustrating.
  8. Done the same thing myself mate. Log on to a PC or Laptop and reset the password seems to be working that way.
  9. Anybody having bother signing into RTV? Been using the same email and password since the start of the season and now it's saying its invalid
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