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  1. 5 past 4 on Tuesday morning, 24th of November is the first I've heard it on the radio, and will more than likely hear it another 200 odd times between now and the middle of January no doubt. Soul destroying.
  2. For as long as I can remember their wee digs like "The Rangers are coming? A cannae see them" patter has always came back to bite them on the arse eventually. Beachballs at Ibrox before they went to Seville, then ended up with hee haw. Banners again at Ibrox saying they'd won the league, Helicopter Sunday happened. Jelly and ice cream when Rangers die, but not really. Here we go for 10 in a row, again not really. The lack of self awareness is utterly fantastic from that mob.
  3. 5. Barton,Senderos,Alves,Pena,Martin 4. Morelos, Barisic, McGregor, Kamara 3. Candeias, McCrorie, McKay 2. Albertz and Laudrup 1. Lundstram
  4. Take it everybody's seen Officer Doofys insta post from last night aye?
  5. Having an opposite like Barisic has definitely improved his cross balls.
  6. Strachan seems to be the main guy to replace grenade teeth according to twitter.
  7. RE7 is superb, the first half of the game is brilliant but tapes off a wee bit after that, still worth a play through as it'll be duck cheap now. God of War is different gravy, easily one of the best games of last gen.
  8. I thought there was a zero tolerance approach to bringing up peoples mental health problems in other threads?
  9. It's candle burners and wax melts now so you can get choked to death in your sleep and they don't do a bit of jail time. Weirdo cunts imo.
  10. Buzzing for RE8 next year. What did you think of 7 if you've played it?
  11. I get your point but I just don't buy into the whole we can't bring youth through because of hassle from the crowd, it's always been there.
  12. Tarriers are exactly the same so how have they managed to bring the likes of McGregor and Tierney through?
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