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  1. Fully agree, which makes it all the more surprising when people say Ferguson is pish. Ryan Jack never stood out against us either imo.
  2. Friendly reminder that we're not even into February and the hurt and misery is only going to increase TENfold over the next few months
  3. Doing the conga right through Langloan
  4. Nearly teared up listening to Walter, that man epitomises everything that our club stands for in my eyes, what a guy ­čĺÖ
  5. Would like to see more of him in the coming months as the boys clearly got something, hasn't ever put a foot wrong since putting the shirt on. Hopefully the first of many youngsters to start coming through into the first 11,seen Kennedy picked up a MOTM award today in the Hertz game as well.
  6. And when it rains You're shining down for me And I just can't get enough
  7. Played well when he came on and took his goal nicely, hopefully gets back to his best before too long.
  8. 3 points on Wednesday and the champagne is getting cracked.
  9. We're gonna end up dropping points here, can see it coming a mile away.
  10. Ordering Union Jack sunglasses, flags, hats, 2 boxes of fireworks and smoke grenades soon as I get paid in 2 weeks.
  11. Genuinely gonna fuck off and give everycunt on here peace ya fucking coat hanger.
  12. "Your Grandchildren will be Celtic fans" In the fucking bin.
  13. Eddie Howling straight back down south when we win 2 in a row for our anniversary season.
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