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  1. if there are any sweary words broadcast before the watershed then the broadcaster NEEDS to apologise otherwise ofcom come down on them like a ton of bricks so fucking button it
  2. Were putting together a whole new squad basically , Hibs arent . Cant see us winning this one , toughest draw we couldve got . Just play the kids and focus on the league !
  3. Just been reading through this thread this morning and I can't believe it , so many people saying they've never heard of this guy . You serious ? He's been in the championship for ages and has strolled it , I've seen him quite a few times over the past couple of seasons ( I have sky , it's not impossible to watch a derby or Watford game ffs ) and obviously I wasn't paying complete attention to him but he looked very assured . Ps . Even if you haven't heard of him , which I still think as football fans is mental , how many times have Inverness , Ross county , Motherwell , etc. all signed players you've never heard of before who have done great ? No idea why that's such a negative point . Who the fuck had heard of Eremenko before he turned up at Killie ? He's 35 , so what ? Warburton said he'd have three old heads in the team . If he signs he'll be a class act , mark my words .
  4. Out of them 3 I reckon Walsh is going to be an absolute star for us . Young but oozes class , can beat a man and not afraid to hit it from distance
  5. Depressing when folk suggest zeefuik ! We should be finding our own hidden gems like that Andy hallidays a great shout
  6. Should look at clubs that have been relegated down south , ie. McKay at Wigan , McShane at Hull , Arfield at Burnley , MacKenzie at Blackpool
  7. He said in the interview 6 or 7 new players !
  8. He was the SFAs fucking performance director for the last three years ! If he genuinely didnt know who he was then that is just absolute madness . I suspect he was saying that with his tongue firmly in his cheek right enough
  9. Whats ironic is we should be boycotting season tickets this season ! Less season tickets = more King money . Then add the PATG money from tens of thousands of us = more money overall . edit - well , we im not saying we should boycott season tickets but his reasoning for putting his money in is full of holes ...
  10. So we wont get new players in til the managers in place so no signings for at least a week . Not long left til preseason ! On the new signings he said hes identified players after speaking to previous management teams . Surely not McCoist ??
  11. Yep only thing im happy to take away from that
  12. Pereira then Hes never heard of Wotte ? What ?
  13. Saying well overinvest does the same thing . We need answers . To me he seems desperate to get the season ticket money in so that he doesnt need to pay much at all !!!
  14. Hes not giving a figure for what hell personally invest this summer ... dodged it a couple of times now
  15. Has McCalls contract expired ? It might run into next week which is why were not appointing anyone yet . Remember we have Ally is still on the wage bill so if we can avoid paying 3 managers in total even if its just for one week then thats fair enough . Although I guess you could always announce it and say hes starting in a week or two . FWIW I think its definitely going to be Warburton and Im right behind him . His story is inspiring
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