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  1. Glad I missed this, I have no doubt we will win the league, but it seems it will be the usual pish football next season, Boyd 85 etc 1-0... McCoist doesn't have a philosophy or an idea of how he want to see the team play. We don't have an identity, its amateur stuff.. Hate to say this, but he has to go
  2. My window cleaner is from Bolivia, and he says it's been reported in his country how we have been treated shamefully and the fact we broke world record attendances in the bottom tier
  3. We need to watch this game closely tonight, we cannot have them qualifying for the groups stages again, the more money they make, the harder it will be for us to close the gap
  4. Finishing second is unacceptable, 1st must be a priority, cups can wait for next season for me when we are stronger...Hearts and Hibs wont be walk-overs, we have enough in our squad to beat them though...Anything less than first place and Ally wont have a leg to stand on
  5. Was last there in 08, 4-2 Mendes match, place was rocking
  6. Karaoke is always a good laugh there 'step up and play'
  7. I heard this rumour too, he was wanting financial guarantees about the stability of the club that couldn't be provided
  8. some delusional bears on this, must think we have a champions league squad... Look at a poor Dundee United performance against us last season? Got humped at home 3-1 , yes we have added to the squad, but the Championship will be more competitive and take more out of us... Can we win a cup? YES....Should we be expected too? NO.. League is a must, anything else is a bonus..
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