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  1. Appears you know very little about football in the uk
  2. Is this larkin cunt not something to do with recently about being lifted for bigotry or sumin???
  3. Aye John is a sound guy .. know.him and his brother. Blackpool trips with him on our bus were mental back in the day.
  4. He is a nightmare at defending .. although if he plays as a midfielder and defending when we are under attack he seems to do slightly better .. his positional play and leaves far too much room for average players to cross the ball into dangerous areas ,thus heaping pressure on us. Defend fro m the front and not where is liable to allow attackers to gain that 10 yards he usu ally gives them
  5. Think it was bank transfer last time so be again. Will pm u next Thursday let u know it's went through
  6. I mentioned this at begin of season or end of last that I would like to see us playing 3 central defenders a defensive midfielder to help protect them . So Wes McCrorie Alves and cardoso <<<<<<<Jack (prefer rossiter)>>>>>>>> Tav John Dorrans a.n.other Morelos a. N other
  7. In all fairness to the boy he is fucking gash. He has.no drive no desire no ability. Nothing. You could pick any 6 footnotes guy out your local pub put him in a strip and let him horse about form ten minutes and you honestly would not know the difference. Candelias as I have said all along is fucking pish. Apart from couple of cross balls. When was the last yime he beat a man ? Place is a fucking joke.
  8. Ffs. Tell him to piss off surely to fuck he has made his money mate ???? I would ..And it's my way of.thinking let's come to us with a.chance of trophy or two .enjoy football. End of
  9. Rangers new manager Steve mclaren and trump?
  10. Not really sure what you want from a 20 year old holding the front line himself with absolutely no service whatsoever in the last few games. He needs a player beside him. Had that 20 year old been a striker , any sort of local lad , we would be screaming for someone to give him a hand up front. He is young boy playing in a different country and needs a fucking hand And the scary thing is there is no one to provide a through ball for him to run onto . We play it high. Demane came on and we hit it high to him .ffs. it's like the. Blind asylum out there. Dorrans was running about trailing his fat arse behind him. Jack has limited ability and I thought holt should have started before him.. Keeper was shocking for 2nd goal and Windass only tries for 45 minutes. Been the same for weeks now. Honestly think they need a good glasgow night out together to help them bond cos if they don't bond very son we are going to be struggling for mid table.
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